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The Story of Laozi

Laozi (or Lao Tzu) is the founder of Daoism and the reputed author of Dao De Jing. Based on available historical records, Laozi’s philosophy is closely connected with three ancient books, namely Lian Shan written in the Xia Dynasty, Gui Cang in the Yin Dynasty and the Book of Changes in the Zhou Dynasty. Laozi’s surname is Li. His given name is Er,…

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Fairy Tale: Compassionate and Immortal Beggar was God from Kunlun Mountain

Many gods descended to the human world to save people since ancient time. When they met some people with predestined relationships, they would save them. Otherwise, they would just wander and stayed wheresoever they pleased. If they met people who had difficulties, sometimes they would help. This is the status of a wandering god or…

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