(Minghui.org) I had some thoughts after reading the article “Guiding the Younger Generation on the Traditional Path,” published on the Minghui website.

The article mentioned that most Chinese people, including practitioners, do not know what traditional culture is. Many practitioners treat their children with modern mentalities rather than guiding them with traditional culture.

Some elderly practitioners do everything for their adult children and grandchildren. As a result, they don’t have time to do the three things.

Traditional Chinese culture originated from the divine. In traditional Chinese culture, respect for parents and older generations plays an important role.

Many old sayings say that respect for the elderly is the essence of virtue. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) destroyed the traditional culture arranged by the gods and systemically brainwashed the Chinese people.

People under the age of seventy-three have grown up under the brainwashing of the evil communist spectre, and young people are even more so under its influence.

Even among Dafa disciples, many elderly practitioners do not follow the 5,000-year old divine culture. They treat people with modern concepts and distorted notions.

For example, many elderly practitioners live with their children or near their children’s homes. Still, they ask fellow practitioners to do everything for them and take it for granted.

They gradually rely more and more on fellow practitioners for help with computers and cell phones to other daily issues, even groceries.

Those elderly practitioners who heavily rely on fellow practitioners’ help often say their children were busy, so they can’t bear to use up their children’s time. Instead they let their children watch TV, play video games or take a rest at home.

It seems that these elderly practitioners do not care how busy other practitioners are. Most practitioners are much busier than their children.

As practitioners, most of us are very busy with our jobs and Dafa projects. We also need to study the Fa, do the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts.

All of these things take time. It is selfish to use practitioners’ time when their children can help them with everyday life.

Many of these elderly practitioners’ children said, “Well, since you are so close with your fellow practitioners and since you did not want us to help you, then let them take care of you.” As a result, the relationship between these elderly practitioners and their children worsened.

If we think about it, all children born into a practitioner’s home came with great hope to be saved. They had a predestined relationship with Dafa and practitioners.

They are not fulfilling their responsibilities as children if they don’t do their part. At the same time, their irresponsibility takes up other practitioners’ time and energy, which creates karma. These children’s true selves will be disappointed.

Helping a life to be saved forever is for the true good of that person. Treating children well does not mean spoiling them or giving them whatever they need and doing everything for them.

Children should respect the elderly and help them when they need help. Helping one’s parents is a filial duty.

In addition, showing kindness to a Dafa disciple will bring them blessings. Some elderly practitioners are influenced by atheism and can not see this.

We have read many stories on the Minghui website about elderly disciples who validated Dafa with their righteous thoughts and behaviour at home. Their children respect them and are blessed. Some witnessed Dafa’s greatness and became Falun Dafa disciples.

We should treat our children as sentient beings and guide them to the right path with compassion. Only by cultivating oneself can one cultivate genuine compassion.

Kindness is powerful. It can change people’s hearts and correct what is wrong, but sentimentality never can.