Fairy Tale: Compassionate and Immortal Beggar was God from Kunlun Mountain

Many gods descended to the human world to save people since ancient time. When they met some people with predestined relationships, they would save them. Otherwise, they would just wander and stayed wheresoever they pleased. If they met people who had difficulties, sometimes they would help. This is the status of a wandering god or roaming immortal.

Li Ah from Sichuan Province was a strange person without a hint of aging. He often begged in Chengdu City. Then, he gave all he had obtained to the poor. He left Chengdu in the evening and came back the next morning. No one knew where he lived. He often answered people’s questions with facial expressions. If he showed a cheerful face, it was auspicious. If he showed a sad face, it was disastrous. If he showed a smiling face, it must be a happy event. If he sighed softly, the person must have significant anxieties. Many people asked Li Ah questions and he could always predict accurately.

A fellow named Gu Qiang thought that Li Ah was not a normal person. So, he started serving and following Li. He found that Li lived in Qingcheng Mountain. So, he went into the mountain with Li. However, he brought a big knife given from his father due to his fear of tigers or wolfs. When Li Ah found the knife, he was angry and said, “Why are you still scared of tigers if you are with me?” Then Li snatched the knife and broke it. Gu Qiang became anxious about the broken knife.

During the morning while leaving the mountain, Li asked, “Are you still worried about the broken knife?” Gu Qiang was worried that his father would blame him. Li took out the knife, held it and tapped it on the ground. The knife resumed its normal shape. On their way to Chengdu, Li Ah was hit by a speedy horse carriage. Li’s foot was crushed by the wheel and the wheel also broke. He fell to the ground and died. Gu Qiang was frightened while guarding the body of Li. After a moment, Li suddenly stood up and rubbed his crushed feet with his hands. He immediately recovered.

When Gu Qiang first met Li Ah, Gu was 18 years old and Li seemed to be in his 50’s. When Gu Qiang was 80 years old, Li still appeared to be in his 50’s. It seemed that Li did not age at all. Later, Li Ah told people that some gods in Kunlun Mountain were calling him and he would leave very soon. After Li went into the mountain, he never returned.

Gu Qiang did not reach consummation since he had too many attachments. Trusting the teacher is the most important thing in cultivation. However, Gu Qiang did not trust enough. Maybe he respected his teacher, but that was not enough. The standard of cultivation is strict.