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Government of Denmark Addresses Suppression in China

Danish Falun Gong practitioner Wei Zaiqun and her husband Jan Eckhausen recently received a letter from the Danish government expressing condolences regarding Zaiqun’s brother-in-law, Chen Guangzhong, who died while in police custody, on July 28, 2017. At a rally in downtown Copenhagen, Wei Zaiqun called for the release of her two sisters, who are detained…

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Major Danish Newspaper Covers Chinese State-sanctioned Organ Harvesting Crimes

Berlingske, one of the largest newspapers in Denmark, published two full-page articles on October 12, 2016, revealing the state-sanctioned organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China. The articles were titled, “When political prisoners are killed to order” (Når politiske fanger bliver dræbt på bestilling) and “Members of religious movement used as organ storage” (Medlemmer…

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Denmark: Introducing Falun Dafa in Four Cities

The scenic inland waterway Limfjord, Thy National Park, and Skagen between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea are some of the popular tourist attractions in Denmark. Over the past few days, both local residents and tourists had the chance to learn about an ancient meditation practice from the remote land of China. Between August…

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