An Open Letter to the Australian Public – Please Help Uphold Justice

Recently, under pressure from the Chinese Communist regime, the Attorney-General of the Australian Government has filed three submissions with the Supreme Court of NSW to intervene in three separate lawsuits filed by Australian Falun Gong practitioners against officials of the Chinese Communist regime for torture and crimes against humanity.

Attorney General intervenes in Falun Gong torture case

The Federal Attorney General’s Department intervened yesterday to stop a default judgement in the Supreme Court of NSW against a high-ranking Chinese government official for his role in the torture and persecution of two Sydney Falun Gong practitioners while they were in China. The Attorney General’s department had received correspondence from the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in relation to the case.

Top Chinese Attorney Kidnapped Following Letter to U.S. Congress

Gao Zhisheng, one of China’s most prominent human rights lawyers, was seen being taken away by secret police from his Beijing home on Sunday according to eye-witnesses. Gao had broken China’s biggest taboo by publicly calling for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong.