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Christchurch Press(NZ): Falun Gong student fears China return

She believes the only way she could return to China safely would be to
renounce her faith in Falun Gong — an option she won’t consider.

Her family has warned her that the authorities are compiling evidence
against her and would immediately arrest her if she came home.

Amnesty International: Hong Kong: Article 23 Legislation — the potential for abuse

Human rights organizations fear that the proposals, if passed into law,
would undermine the existing human rights and civil liberties enjoyed by Hong Kong people and could be used against anyone China or Hong Kong
to, including political dissidents and religious or spiritual groups
such as
Falun Gong — already outlawed on mainland China.

Democracy slides towards totalitarianism?

The reality is that the ‘One Country Two Systems’ is quickly becoming One Country One System. The increasingly harsh treatment of Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong is a prime example. Several analysts have suggested that this proposed legislation is being hurried through, precisely to outlaw this totally peaceful spiritual practice. Hong Kong’s Secretary for Security, Regina Ip, has repeatedly denied that Article 23 will be used against Falun Gong. However, she has also denied that there is a ‘blacklist’ of foreign Falun Gong practitioners. The fact that over the last 18 months several hundred practitioners with no criminal records, from a variety of different countries, have been refused entry to the SAR makes a mockery of Ip’s assertions.

China Would be in Danger of What?

Falun Gong has become the major topic between the world and China regarding the issues of virtue and peace. China has been under overwhelming criticisms of the world media [because of the persecution of Falun Gong].

The Times: Fears for freedom as Hong Kong awaits security law

It revealed, among other things, that penalties for crimes against the
would be stiffened to include life imprisonment and that groups such as
Falun Gong, which remains legal in Hong Kong despite its illegal status
the mainland, could be banned.