(Minghui.org) A private school in Madrid, Spain, invited Falun Dafa practitioners to its Parent-Teacher Day on May 17, 2024. On the warm sunny day, practitioners demonstrated the five Falun Dafa exercises on an outdoor stage at the school. The parents, students, and teachers learned the exercises, the principles of the teachings, and the truth about the ongoing persecution of the practice in China.

About 300 teachers, students, and parents came to learn the exercises that day. The students were divided into three age groups (three to five year olds, six to eight year olds, and junior high school students) and were taught in three separate sessions. Before each session, Sofia, a practitioner dressed in an emerald green ethnic costume, sang Falun Dafa songs and was warmly applauded.

The practitioners then demonstrated the exercises while two practitioners explained the background and details of the movements. When each session ended, the practitioners gave everyone a Falun Dafa flier and a handmade paper lotus flower.

Three-to-five-year-old students learn the exercises.

After the all-day event, the teachers thanked the practitioners for sharing such a joyful activity. Belen, one of the event organisers, thanked them and said, “It’s amazing that the children, who usually have a hard time keeping quiet, stayed focused for so long. That is very important. Nowadays, people spend too much time on cell phones and computers. The children are especially susceptible to online games, which make them restless. Falun Dafa allows people to be calm and quiet, which is what people in modern society need. All of us enjoyed it very much.”

Nerea, another event organiser at the school, said that the students enjoyed and benefited from the activity. She hoped that practitioners would hold similar events in the future.

Nerea hopes that practitioners hold similar events in the future.

A young mother who just learned the exercises asked where she could learn more about practicing Falun Dafa. When she learned that exercises are taught free of charge, she couldn’t believe her ears and asked, “A practice that is taught in over 100 countries is free?” She was determined to learn Falun Dafa.

This was the first time Charo, a practitioner, had ever participated in such event. She said, “When I taught the exercises, I felt a powerful energy rotating above my head, especially when I overlapped my hands in front of my lower abdomen and listened to the exercise music.”

The weather was cold and cloudy the day before the event. Not wanting the children to get cold, Charo asked Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, “Master, it would be great if the sun came out for the children.” When the children arrived, the clouds parted and the sun came out until the event concluded. “It was such a miracle. I felt that Master was right next to me,” she said.

Some students continued to meditate next to the practitioners even after the sessions ended, and said they enjoyed the calm energy.