(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners held two signature drive events as 2023 ended, at Mynttorget (also known as “the Coin Square”) next to the Royal Palace in Stockholm on December 29 and 30. After hearing how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutes practitioners for their belief, many passersby signed petitions to oppose the suppression.

Despite the cold, snowy weather, the streets near Mynttorget were crowded in advance of the New Year holiday. Many people stopped to watch as practitioners demonstrated the exercises, read the posters, and talked with practitioners to learn more information. They encouraged practitioners to keep exposing the persecution and many said they hoped it ends soon.

Signature drive at Mynttorget (also known as “the Coin Square”) in Stockholm, Sweden, on December 29 and 30, 2023.


Swedish Teacher: Not Remaining Silent

One Swedish couple read the posters in detail and signed the petitions. The husband teaches sociology and said, “I know about some vicious deeds of communism. We are covering more and more of these topics in the classroom, because we need to tell the students about these crimes,” he said.

He agreed with the practitioners’ efforts to raise awareness of the CCP’s brutality, including forced organ harvesting. “There are many terrifying things happening in this world. It is very important for you to expose these to the public,” he said. “When facing such crimes, we cannot remain silent and I have to sign this petition.”

Passersby stopped to learn what is happening in China.


Learning the Facts

A middle-aged man walked by the event with his family and friends. He signed a petition, gave the practitioners a thumbs up and said, “You are doing great. I know about Falun Dafa.”

He explained that he grew up in Sweden, works in Singapore and is a loyal reader of The Epoch Times. “The CCP suppresses innocent Falun Dafa practitioners and even kills them for their organs. These crimes are insane,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that the news media in many countries dare not to speak the truth due to financial interests. I’m moved by what you’ve done here and I support you very much.”


Former Russian Resident: Standing on the Side of What’s Right

An older man from Russia and his two granddaughters read the posters. After he explained to his grandchildren what the posters said, he told a practitioner, “What I have seen here is astonishing. This reminds me of what I experienced in the past. I truly believe the information on these posters.”

Coming from the former Soviet Union, the man said he knew how the communist party kills innocent people. After he and his grandchildren signed the petitions, he said, “I just told my grandchildren what I experienced in person. The CCP is indeed evil and we always need to stand on the side of what’s right.”

People signed petitions calling to stop the brutality in China.


Austrian Tourists Happy to See Falun Dafa Practitioners

Michael and his friend from Austria talked to the practitioners. Michael said, “What you are doing is very important. It’s hard to imagine that this peaceful meditation system and so many innocent people are treated so badly. Many people including myself did not know this. Thank you!”

He explained that he’s always been interested in traditional Chinese culture, and read about Chinese medicine and qigong systems. “I have seen similar events [held by practitioners] in Vienna and am so happy to see it here! I finally understand what Falun Dafa is,” he added.

Both Michael and his friend said they were very interested in learning Falun Dafa, and they would read more online. Before leaving, they thanked the practitioners again and wished them a Happy New Year.