(Minghui.org) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) published its 2023 population survey results on January 17, 2024, claiming the country has 1.409 billion citizens, which is 0.15% or 2.08 million fewer inhabitants compared to 2022.

But Lingxiao (pseudonym) of Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, told The Epoch Times that, based on what he learned from someone inside the communist regime, many people in China died during the pandemic so the population couldn’t possibly be 1.409 billion. According to an internal police database he saw recently, there were only around 1 billion names on the police’s record.

With China experiencing another wave of the pandemic, Lingxiao said that many people are dying in the hospital. “There are dead people everywhere, all over China,” he said. After being infected, people have white lungs. Many of them go to hospitals, but those who cannot afford to pay are discharged.

The 1 billion on the police’s record that Lingxiao noted agrees with data leaked from the police system in Shanghai in July 2022. It listed 970 million Chinese citizens and their confidential information, including their names, addresses, birthplaces, ID numbers, and mobile phone numbers. One hacker named ChinaDan hacked into the system and listed the database online for sale.

Because police surveillance on the Chinese population is intensive and they use big data, one would expect that almost everyone in Chinese is in the police’s profile. If the 1 billion Lingxiao mentioned is true or the database of 970 million Chinese people sold by ChinaDan represents the majority of the population, then how can the nearly 400 million discrepancy be explained?

One possibility would be that the CCP is covering up the deaths that occurred during the pandemic, which has been the case since the onset of the pandemic. Why the CCP would want to cover up those deaths is probably to maintain its “reputation” for “glory and greatness” in its rule of the Chinese people. I only feel sad for those who have lost their lives at the hands of the CCP. When they were alive, the regime took advantage of them in many ways. When they died, their deaths weren’t even counted in the official toll.