(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners were invited to display artworks from the Art of Zhen Shan Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance) International Exhibition at the Government Medical College and Hospital in Nagpur, India, on December 22 and 23, 2023.

The practitioners’ display was part of the platinum jubilee celebration held for the college’s 1947 alumni. The dean of the college, Dr. R. N. Gajbhiye, invited them to participate in the festivities.

The exhibition drew many guests from various backgrounds: Current students, alumni, faculty, physicians, and influential community figures. Many were appalled by the brutality of the persecution against Falun Dafa in China and expressed their respect and encouragement for the practitioners in China who continue to persevere in their faith.

Many doctors, students, and guests visited the Art of Zhen Shan Ren Exhibition held at the Government Medical College and Hospital in Nagpur on December 22 and 23, 2023.
A practitioner (right) tells anesthetists about the ongoing persecution of Falun Dafa. They were very moved by the practitioners’ perseverance and asked the practitioner how they could help.
Visitors took photos of the paintings in the Art of Zhen, Shan, Ren Exhibition.


Supreme Court Justice: “You Are Doing a Good Job Creating Awareness”

The jubilee celebration brought together many guests from all walks of life, and many of them stopped at the practitioners’ display to learn about the persecution depicted in the paintings.

Justice Bhushan Ramkrishna Gavai of India’s Supreme Court listened as practitioners explained what Falun Dafa is, the CCP’s organ harvesting, and how different countries are now taking legal action to prevent their citizens from taking part in this unethical organ trade.

He said he was shocked by the egregious human rights violations. “What is taking place is not a good thing, and you are doing a good job creating awareness, and continue working on this,” he said.

He also wished the practitioners luck in letting more people throughout Indian society know about the persecution.

Justice Bhushan Gavai (third right) receives information about the persecution of Falun Dafa.


Doctor: “The Red Wall of China will soon fall.”

Many visitors said they heard of the persecution of Falun Dafa and came to further their understanding of the facts.

One doctor who visited the exhibition said he saw a street exhibition in New York about the persecution of Falun Dafa. He was saddened that such a crime against humanity could still be allowed to happen in today’s day and age.

Another doctor was impressed by how the artists could use paintings to convey the facts about the persecution. “The Red Wall of China displayed in the painting is about to fall very soon,” he said. He indicated that the truth about the CCP’s numerous human rights violations will soon be known to the entire world.

A doctor from Mumbai who practices Falun Dafa (right) came to help explain to other healthcare providers the impact on the medical community from the CCP’s forced organ harvesting.