(Minghui.org) Shen Yun Performing Arts is touring globally, sharing with theatergoers worldwide the spirit and wisdom of China’s five-thousand-year-old culture that almost became extinct under the communist regime. Due to Shen Yun’s mission to revive China’s pre-communist civilisation, the company currently cannot perform in China.

Chinese nationals are thus only able to enjoy the performances outside of China. Those who do catch a Shen Yun performance often express finding long-lost values and traditions brought back to life.

Since Christmas of 2023, Shen Yun’s eight touring companies have been performing in Asia, Europe, and North America. Chinese nationals who were able to catch a performance in those nations have expressed being moved by and grateful for the long-lost values and authentic culture revived by Shen Yun.


“Truly Very Stunning”

Ms. Yang, an immigrant from Beijing, saw Shen Yun in San Jose, California, on January 1. This was her first time seeing Shen Yun.

“Truly very stunning, very stunning!” Ms. Yang said.

“I’ve heard about Shen Yun for a long time. Came to see it today and truly realized what is real traditional Chinese culture,” she said.

Ms. Yang’s father is an oboist. She said Shen Yun’s oboist was “wonderful. Truly great.” “Thanks to her,” she said.

Shen Yun’s artistic design and music “seamlessly blended and were extremely exquisite,” she said.

She said she could feel the hard work of Shen Yun’s artists. “I hope Shen Yun can continue to perform and let the world see it,” she said.

“What touched me the most was that I could be enlightened to some inspirations from the divine.

“Because Shen Yun let us understand what real traditional culture is… So Shen Yun is so great, teaching people how to behave, how to believe in the divine, and how to let our society return to its beautiful state. So helpful.

“Hopefully these traditions and beauty can return to China as soon as possible.

“Each and every one of you Shen Yun artists, I truly, sincerely thank you. I hope you can bring this goodness to every corner of the world, and let the glory of the divine spread to every corner of the world. Really, thank you very much. Hope you keep up the good work,” Ms. Yang said.

She hopes that more people come see Shen Yun. “I’m already inviting friends to come see Shen Yun,” she said.

Ms. Yang, an immigrant from Beijing, at the Shen Yun performance in San Jose, California, on January 1, 2024 (NTD Television)


“Just Like Being Home”

Mr. Li, a student from China who is studying in Japan, saw Shen Yun in Tokyo, Japan, on the afternoon of December 28.

This was his first time being abroad. He said that he had only seen introductions of Shen Yun when he was in China. This year, he caught Shen Yun in Japan and came to see it.

“When I first started watching, I felt very touched. The kind of feeling of about to be in tears,” he said.

“I don’t know what words to use to describe it. This performance can probably touch people and give people a correct, kind concept. It allows people to obtain a purified heart and go on a kinder path after seeing this performance. Very happy, very happy. Just feel very warm. Very warm to be here, just like being home,” he said.

Mr. Li hopes that, “…Shen Yun can perform in more countries. Let more people know about China’s culture, music, traditional clothing, and dance.”

Mr. Li, a student from China studying in Japan, at the Shen Yun performance in Tokyo, Japan, on the afternoon of December 28 (NTD Television)


“I Feel How Broad and Profound My Own Country’s Culture Is”

Ms. Zhao came to Japan from China two months ago. She saw Shen Yun in Kyoto, Japan, on January 3.

“Very stunning… I feel how broad and profound my own country’s culture is. The five-thousand-year history was vividly and thoroughly presented in front of you. It’s uplifting. Very glad,” she said.

“Every one of the dancers was full of vitality. They have definitely to some degree gone through cultivation in the spiritual world. Definitely the kind of level that is hard for us ordinary people to achieve.

“I’m also a mother. I teach my children to do more positive things and tell them about classical history and the profundity of Chinese culture. Every historical story contains certain moral principles and can help their paths ahead be wider and farther. They can also educate their own children and carry forward our traditional culture,” she said.

Ms. Zhao at the Shen Yun performance in Kyoto, Japan, on January 3 (NTD Television)


“You’re truly great!”

Mr. Liu, a student from China, saw Shen Yun in Birmingham, United Kingdom, on the evening of December 29. He saw Shen Yun in Paris the previous year and came to see it again this year.

“Great! The music, dance, and stories were all great. The costumes were also great!… Some stories were also very inspiring, including the story about Falun Gong, which leaves you with a deep impression,” he said.

“One memorable experience was that when the tenor performed, there was no microphone at the time but the voice on the entire stage vibrated and echoed. At the time, I clearly felt that the voice was transmitted to my brain through the back of my skull. Like it penetrated through my brain. It was that tenor. Still very fresh in my memory!” he said.

Mr. Liu said that he was touched by many parts of the performance. “It was a kind of immersive experience. For example, when the erhu was playing, I was in a very empty state and pretty much forgot about myself. The music really makes you forget about yourself, very good. And the dance was of course very gorgeous. Some of the movements – like when the performers span with yellow flowers in hand – were stunning,” he said.

He wanted to say to the artists, “You’re truly great! Truly great!”


“I’m So Touched”

Mr. Yao and his wife, who are from Beijing, saw Shen Yun for the first time in Dallas, Texas, on the evening of December 29.

“I’m so touched. I was moved to tears,” Mr. Yao said.

“I’ve seen (Shen Yun’s) tapes in China before, so I specially came here to see it… Having seen it live now, I feel that Shen Yun’s performers are great… I feel very emotional after seeing it. I feel very proud to be a Chinese!” he said.

The couple purchased $200 tickets, the highest price level, to see the performance. Mrs. Yao exclaimed, “Really worth it!” Mr. Yao agreed, “Worthwhile!”

Beijing natives Mr. Yao and his wife at the Shen Yun performance in Dallas, Texas, on December 29 (The Epoch Times)


“Shen Yun is Number One in the Chinese Community”

Ms. Sun, an immigrant from northern China, saw Shen Yun with her daughter in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on the evening of December 27. This was their second time seeing Shen Yun.

“Promoting traditional Chinese culture, Shen Yun does it the best, combining dance and culture. Shen Yun is number one in the Chinese community,” she said.

“Shen Yun is promoting traditional culture. We really like it… It feels especially different that we’re able to watch it when it’s almost New Years.

“What made me the happiest was that the backdrop and the performers on stage integrated very well, very unique… The whole stage effect was great. The dancers were excellent. I really liked their songs and dances.

“Whether it’s for the Chinese or Westerners, their hearts would definitely be moved when they see Shen Yun, and would want their children to be exposed to it and learn (classical Chinese) dance,” she said.

Ms. Sun said that in the Chinese community, everyone knows Shen Yun. Her family and friends all know Shen Yun and a number of neighbors and friends have seen Shen Yun.

“We can’t see this kind of combination of dance and tradition in China, and they combined it so well,” she said.

She said that seeing Shen Yun, “Not only do I feel very proud, it also gave me a feeling of home. A feeling of being brought back to my hometown right away. That feeling of homesickness got alleviated. I’m very moved! I’m very grateful to Shen Yun. They’re able to bring us excellent programs every year.”

“Thank you, Shen Yun artists. I can see your solid technical foundation. ‘One minute on stage requires ten years of work.’ Thank you for your hard work in the performance. We’re also very touched at the same time. Thank you for persistently passing on traditional Chinese culture,” Ms. Sun said.

Ms. Sun, an immigrant from China, and her daughter at the Shen Yun performance in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on December 27 (The Epoch Times)


“It Was Truly Excellent”

Mr. Li saw Shen Yun in Houston, Texas, on the evening of January 1. This was his first time seeing Shen Yun.

“I heard about Shen Yun before. Only heard about it but didn’t know much about it, so I wanted to learn about it. I also saw some reports saying how popular Shen Yun is. What’s good about it? So I came with this strong curiosity and this purpose. I feel that it was truly excellent. It was very successful and very good,” he said.

“In terms of the artistic form, it was very beautiful. It makes you feel very comfortable in the heart,” he said.

Mr. Li said that he is a Christian, and he felt the power of faith and compassion in Shen Yun. “So some pieces demonstrated this. I think that’s very good, very real, and completely respects reality,” he said.

Mr. Li at the Shen Yun performance in Houston, Texas, on January 1 (Screenshot from NTD Television)


“Shen Yun Cures Your Heart, Your Body, and Your Soul”

Susan Lee and her husband, who come from Guangdong Province, saw Shen Yun in San Jose, California, on the afternoon of December 31.

“Shen Yun cures your heart, your body, and your soul… Words cannot describe how happy I am today!” Ms. Lee said.

“The performance was excellent. They presented culture and history, which made me sincerely like it. These stories were all stories and history that our parents and people told when I was little. But there’re very big issues in China now. I know about Falun Gong and many things. These things bring me to tears. I hope more people come see this performance. One is to enjoy their excellent dance techniques, and the other is that hopefully more people can learn about this culture.

“The Chinese people have gone through much suffering and many tribulations. Many people lost their freedom to follow their faith. Some people are very corrupt, and many people have lost their souls, because they lost what their ancestors left them.

“From the bottom of my heart, I deeply appreciate this performance presented by all the staff at Shen Yun Performing Arts. It allowed more people to know about what is going on in China. I saw people sitting next to me reading the program booklet and resonating with the programs. I could feel their love for the programs and an inner light that they have for the Chinese people’s pain and suffering. There are people I love in China. I also hope that more Chinese people come see this performance, understand the pain and suffering there, and know how to help the Chinese people suffering there.

“I hope that one day, Shen Yun can perform in China, and I hope more young Chinese come watch it. If young people come watch it, they can open their hearts. People need to open their hearts… The young people in China shouldn’t only pursue power. That has nothing good for people. Only when the Chinese can open their hearts can they stand up and can we become a great country like America,” Ms. Lee said.

Susan Lee and her husband, natives of Guangdong Province, at the Shen Yun performance in San Jose, California, on December 31 (The Epoch Times)


“You Never Get Tired of Watching Shen Yun”

Shanghai native Jiemin Bai, vice chairman of the China Alliance for Democracy and Human Rights, and chairman of the Alliance’s Eastern United States branch, saw Shen Yun in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 31. He has seen Shen Yun multiple times, and drove four hours from New York to see the performance.

“December 31 is New Year’s Eve. I wanted to give myself a special New Year’s Eve and let Shen Yun kick off a good year for me,” he said.

Mr. Bai said Shen Yun would be performing in New York in April but he could not wait and wanted to see it first, so he drove to Boston to see it.

“You never get tired of watching Shen Yun… Shen Yun is an elegant, classic performance. Only Shen Yun can continue to preserve Chinese culture like this. This is absolutely impossible in China under the current communist regime. The Communist Party has altered Chinese culture. It is torturing Chinese culture.

“Shen Yun Performing Arts’ performance inherits China’s five-thousand-year-old culture and allows us to have the fortune to see it outside of China. You can’t see something like this in China.

“I hope that one day, Shen Yun can go to China and let Chinese people see the real Chinese culture,” he said.

Jiemin Bai, vice chairman of the China Alliance for Democracy and Human Rights, and chairman of the Alliance’s Eastern United States branch, at the Shen Yun performance in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 31


Upcoming Performances

Shen Yun will continue its 2024 tour with performances in:
Atlanta, Georgia, January 10–14
Modesto, California, January 9
Springfield, Missouri, January 9
Lubbock, Texas, January 9
Torino, Italy, January 9–14
Woking, United Kingdom, January 11–14
Saitama, Japan, January 9
Sakai, Japan, January 13–14.