(Minghui.org) During her freshman year in high school, my daughter underwent a remarkable transformation and ended up the top student in her grade. Many of her classmates’ parents were curious about her success. I was emotional when reflecting on her journey. I realised that what set her apart was her practice of Falun Dafa.

Fifteen years ago, shortly after my daughter was born, I took up the spiritual practice of Falun Dafa. It not only cured my cervical spondylosis and Hepatitis B but also led to positive lifestyle changes. I gave up smoking and drinking and distanced myself from my rowdy friends. I learned to prioritise my family and excel at my job. Dafa had a profound impact on both my physical and mental well-being.

When she was in elementary school, I introduced my daughter to Dafa. We started by having her memorise some of the poems composed by Master Li, Falun Dafa’s founder, in Hong Yin. In junior high school, she began to delve deeper into the Fa, dedicating five to ten minutes each day to Master’s teachings. This dedication was consistently reflected in her high grades.

However, in the second semester of her first year in junior high school, during the 2020 pandemic and a shift to online classes, her grades took a nosedive. She became obsessed with the internet—to the point of addiction. She often failed to finish her daily homework. She resisted our guidance and sometimes lost her temper when we reprimanded her. She would often withdraw into her room, seeking solace in her smartphone and computer.

As time passed, her emotional state deteriorated. She grappled with intense feelings, occasionally uttering words of despair like “life is meaningless.” The situation became so dire that she contemplated drastic measures.

When in-person classes at school resumed, she was burdened with a backlog of unfinished online coursework, leading to her reluctance to return. My wife and I did everything we could to persuade her, but it was a week before she finally returned, already lagging behind. Predictably, her grades suffered. It was a trying period for our family, with my wife enduring her own anguish.

Although I, too, was anxious about my daughter, as a Dafa disciple, I knew I should first look within at this difficult time. I realised that societal influences had contributed to her obsession. My wife and I had failed to recognise the harm and had unwittingly allowed this to happen. We resolved not to blame our daughter but, rather, to face this challenge together.

We assisted her in overcoming obstacles, celebrating her progress no matter how small. A plan was devised to gradually reduce her screen time without abrupt restrictions. My wife provided invaluable support as she did her homework and even slept in her room. We also sought out wholesome activities to share with her.

Due to our concerted efforts, my daughter improved. While she has not completely forsaken the internet, we remain steadfast in adhering to our plan. She did exceptionally well on the high school entrance exam and was accepted at a prestigious high school. The positive environment at her new school facilitated a seamless transition, and her grades soared to the top.

She now exercises self-control. As academic demands increased, we encouraged her to continue listening to Master Li’s teachings and studying the Fa. She now dedicates an hour daily to Fa study, recognizing the correlation between Fa study and her academic success.