(Minghui.org) One evening, a lieutenant colonel gathered 150 officers and soldiers and said, “Four people will be discharged today, but they’ll have to teach others their special talent or skill before they leave.” The colonel then pointed to a young man and said, “You can’t leave unless you’ve taught everyone here (the exercises of) Falun Dafa.”

Jianhao thought that this was a great opportunity. He said, “This is fantastic. I get to teach my friends the Falun Dafa exercises. I’ll start with the first exercise.” Standing before the group, he tried to calm down and thought, “It’ll just be like what I did in school, except now there are more people and loudspeakers.”

He said, “I am glad to have the opportunity to teach you the first Falun Dafa exercise, ‘Buddha Showing a Thousand Hands.’” He explained the movements while demonstrating them. To his surprise, everyone present earnestly worked on learning the moves.

After Jianhao finished, the colonel said, “Doing it once is not enough to ensure that everyone has learned it. Teach them again.” He did. The colonel then said, “This time, don’t demonstrate the exercise. Let every one do the exercise independently to be sure they can do it.” After doing the exercise three times, Jianhao said, “If you are interested in learning more, please go to the Falun Dafa website. All the teaching materials online are free of charge.” The event was a perfect ending for Jianhao’s military service.


Welcomed by Commanders and Fellow Officers

Taiwan has mandatory military service for young men. In Jianhao’s battalion, the lieutenant colonel was the highest-ranking officer. Jianhao followed the Falun Dafa principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance while in the military, leaving a good impression on many people. He tried his best to complete his duties and assignments, even smiled when given unreasonable orders, was blamed for something he didn’t do, or faced pressure. He was courteous, friendly, helpful, and often talked to others about Falun Dafa and the ongoing persecution in China.

A soldier once told him, “I can’t think of what to say to compliment you, but my impression of Falun Dafa is very good because of you.” From then on, each time that soldier saw him, he would greet him with, “Falun Dafa Hao (is good).”

At dinner, on his last day, the lieutenant colonel asked Jianhao, “What exactly is Falun Dafa?” He explained,“It is a kind of Qigong. The movements are slow, rounded, and easy to learn. They help improve your health. The unique thing about Falun Dafa is that it focuses on cultivating one’s character. In addition to the exercises, the teachings provide wisdom to enable practitioners to elevate the hearts and minds.”

“How many sets of Falun Dafa exercises are there?” asked the colonel. After learning that there were five, the colonel said, “You can only leave after you have taught everyone the Falun Dafa exercises.” At first, he thought the colonel was joking and he said he would do it. The colonel was serious about it; hence, later that evening, he taught the whole battalion the first exercise, which many of the soldiers welcomed.

Jianhao doing the sitting meditation exercise


Finding the Purpose of Life

Jianhao had always done well at school. After he graduated from electrical engineering at Chiao Tung University, one of the top universities in the country, he got a Master’s degree in business administration. He felt lost because most of his classmates had become engineers, worked in high-tech companies, made good salaries, were given stock dividends, got married, and lived busy lives. “Is this all life is about?” he asked.

When he talked to his classmates about his question, they told him not to overthink it and said, “That is what everyone does.” He began looking for life’s purpose, joined different clubs and religions, and read all kinds of books. Yet, he found nothing meaningful.

He later fell in love. But when he and his girlfriend broke up, he couldn’t let it go: “I kept thinking about the past and cried. I felt worse and could not escape the depression. It felt like I was watching a sad TV and couldn’t stop watching it. It was like not being able to find the remote to turn the TV off. ”

Jianhao’s life took a positive turn in 2002 when his mother introduced Falun Dafa to him. His heart became brighter after reading the book Zhuan Falun. He found the real purpose of life—to return to one’s true self. He felt that there was hope in the future.

“After I practiced Falun Dafa,  I was able to switch the television off—I could control my emotions,” he said. He quickly became an upbeat, outgoing person.

Knowing that the practice was persecuted in China, he became unsettled and often thought about how to stop the persecution, “What can I do to alleviate the pressure of the practitioners in China?” He founded the Falun Dafa Club at Chiao Tung University, held Falun Dafa Summer Camps, and called or talked on social platforms to tell people in China about the brutal persecution. After he married, he went to Hong Kong during his honeymoon to help the practitioners there clarify the truth, which made him happy.

Jianhao’s first job after leaving the military was as a salesperson at an international company selling solar-powered electronic materials. His supervisor had high standards and demands. At times, he was called back right after he finished work. His supervisor had a bad temper and often scolded everyone on the team. Some of his coworkers could not stand it and left the company. He was berated many times at work, but he followed Falun Dafa’s teachings and looked within for his mistakes. He continued to work hard, “This environment certainly helped improve my ability to tolerate,” he said.

One day, after his supervisor scolded him, instead of feeling wronged, he sent his supervisor a message, “Please do not give up on me; I will continue to try my best.” He kept his promise and continued to work hard, and his supervisor grew to trust him more. Eventually, he treated him like family. In the end, his supervisor taught him everything he knew. “If I did not practice Falun Dafa, I would have felt wronged and just given up or quit the job. However, the practice taught me that l would learn more if I tolerated things,” he said. He became good at what he did, and his supervisor was happy with his performance.

Jianhao doing the Falun Dafa exercises when he was in college


Practicing Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance in Marketing

When Jianhao came across media marketing, he knew he’d found a lifetime career for which he had an interest in and ambition. He switched jobs and became a sales manager in the media marketing industry. An opportunity arose, and he produced a television series and started his own business training people to do marketing work.

Initially, he had a lot of challenges. Jianhao felt that Falun Dafa allowed him to expand his mind and become more efficient. “Falun Dafa inspired me, and I was able to learn quickly and apply what I learned in other things I did. I discovered many new ideas and approaches and put them into practice at work,” he said.

One time, something went wrong. After finishing the job, his customer refused to pay the agreed-upon amount and instead, paid him very little. It was hard for him to accept, but he remembered that Master Li Hongzhi taught him to take a step back and to stay kind to a transgressor. Taking legal action would take a lot of time, and he believed that being forgiving would be the best solution. He realised based on his understanding of the teachings that perhaps he owed that customer from a previous life and decided not to go after him. He later had an opportunity to work with the same person on other occasions and was paid the amount in the contract. They became good business partners.

Now, when Jianhao faces life’s challenges, he follows the Falun Dafa teachings. He treats others with kindness and generosity and wants to offer valuable knowledge to help others. With Falun Dafa’s guidance, he no longer feels lost.

Jianhao teaching a marketing class