(Minghui.org) I was only in my mid-20s, but because of the constant severe pain that I was in, I became numb and slow. The doctor told me that almost all of my vital organs were failing. He thought it was remarkable that I was still alive and implied that there were no more treatment options available to me. I lost hope and didn’t have the strength to face reality.

A lay Buddhist who lived next door said to me, “You have a predestined relationship with Buddhism. I saw Bodhisattvas sitting in rows on your forehead.”

“I’m dying,” I said and gave him a faint smile.

He told me that I would not die and hoped that I would learn Buddhism from him. I politely declined. I had no intention of doing that and no energy even if I did.

I had long been lost in the human world. Tormented by illness and poverty, I couldn’t connect myself with the sacred and spiritual. But deep in my heart, I always longed for a miracle.

It had become the norm for me to faint at any time, anywhere. When I passed out again without warning one day, a Falun Gong practitioner brought me around. She asked me if I wanted to call an ambulance. I said no. In fact, she did not know that no medical treatment could cure me. I struggled just to make ends meet; how could I afford additional medical expenses? I cried in front of a stranger for the first time.

Looking back, it was Master who arranged for a fellow practitioner to guide me. In fact, I later realised she was not really a stranger. I believe we had made a vow together to descend to the world to assist Master in rectifying the Fa. It seemed to be a simple encounter, but my understanding side knew it was what I had been waiting for all my life! I shed tears because I had waited so long and suffered so much.

She comforted me, asked me briefly about my situation, and then told me about Falun Dafa. Having been brainwashed by the CCP propaganda, I made many unpleasant comments about the practice. Now I sincerely apologise and ask for Master’s forgiveness for my ignorance.

Master did not give up on me. The next day, she found me again. She told me how she became illness-free after practicing Falun Dafa. This time, I did not say anything and just listened quietly. I asked her what should I do. She asked if I wanted to read a Dafa book. I said I would.

She brought me a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa. I opened it up and started to read it immediately. Before I had read ten lines, I felt a Falun (law wheel) spinning in my abdomen. The sound was so loud that it could be heard by people nearby.

Master said:

“When you teach someone the practice, if he has a predestined relationship, he will obtain Falun right there and then.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

What a great destiny I had! My mind was extremely clear at that moment. The pain in my body was slowly disappearing. How amazing!

I began reading Zhuan Falun whenever I had time. I asked my fellow practitioner to teach me the exercises on the third day, and Master purified my body on the tenth day. I have been in excellent health ever since. Over the last 20 years, I have had no need for any treatment or medicine. I cannot thank Master enough for saving me.

I have been practicing for 20 years now, and I know that this is the true path and that Master is taking me home. Maybe the chance that led me to encounter Dafa seemed to be accidental, but it could have been a moment I’d awaited for millions of years.

In my cultivation, I have stumbled along the way. Thanks to Master’s guidance and fellow practitioners’ selfless help, I’ve able to persist until today. I can only cultivate myself to be a better person to repay Master. I am so very grateful to Master for his saving grace!