(Minghui.org) Wu and I are from a poor, remote province. Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa) held introductory classes in our area many times. Wu and I attended the first classes Master held and afterwards we helped him by telling people about Falun Dafa.

What was even more fortunate for us, was that we witnessed Master publicly treat illnesses for people free of charge, at the 1993 Oriental Health Expo in Beijing. Master looked so humble, approachable, and unassuming, but had such extraordinary abilities!

In his teachings Master clearly said,

“What I am teaching here is not some ordinary qigong, but things at higher levels.” (“Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Guangzhou,” Explaining the Teachings of Zhuan Falun)

“To truly teach a practice towards high levels is to save people—that is true cultivation.” (“Explaining the Fa for Falun Dafa Assistants in Changchun,” Further Discussions on Falun Dafa)

“In our country, I would say that when it comes to truly guiding people toward higher levels and teaching Fa at higher levels, I am the only person doing it. Or be it the whole world, I am the only person doing it.” (“Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Guangzhou,” Explaining the Teachings of Zhuan Falun)

“But we have told you here that I can do it, because I have numerous fashen who possess my mighty divine powers. They can demonstrate great supernatural powers—very mighty powers of the Fa.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

The Oriental Health Expo was held in Beijing in 1993. This was the second countrywide expo. The first one was held in Beijing in 1992. Wu and I boarded a train the day before so that we could arrive on time and be present for the entire grand event.

We arrived in Beijing on time and stayed with Wu’s relative. The next morning we headed to the venue. The other practitioners who came to help Master welcomed us warmly. We were delighted to see Master again and felt as if we were reunited with a parent after being apart for a long time. Master introduced us and told the others we were visitors who traveled a long way. He asked them to arrange food and lodging for us.

The practitioners who came with Master were all dressed in white clothing. They looked neat and energetic. Everyone stood in their position at the Falun Dafa booth. Master distributed his gong (energy) for healing sickness among us so that we could help share the load as there were many people seeking treatment.

When the expo opened, a large crowd hurried in. Few people lined up at the other booths but the Falun Dafa booth was packed. People in the first line quickly snapped up spots for treatments in the morning. Another line of people waited to register for treatments in the afternoon.

Master worked the hardest! Many people waited for Master to treat their illnesses. Many of them suffered from incurable diseases or difficult to treat ailments. Some severely ill patients were carried in by family members on stretchers; others came in wheelchairs or were carried on people’s backs. They formed such a long line that we could not see the end. Master always smiled and treated everyone kindly. He was patient and unhurried.

Master did not use medicine, injections or any medical equipment. He held his palms facing the person. Separated by their clothing or keeping a certain distance, he gently patted, wiped from top to bottom, touched or grabbed something from the person’s body and threw it out.

When treating those who were paralysed for many years or were hunch back, Master gently lifted the person and stretched downwards several times. There were few movements, just two, three or four gestures. Master instructed the patient to relax completely then encouraged them by saying, “Sit up!” or, “Excellent!” or, “Go down!” or, “Stand up!” or, “Walk with me!” As Master said this, a miracle happened. The patient indeed sat up, stood up, or walked when Master told them to. Some not only walked, they ran or jumped!

Was it a dream? Or reality? In the beginning, these patients were in disbelief, then they shouted with joy: “I am well! I am truly all right!” Some shouted, “Master Li!” while others shouted, “A Buddha saved me!” Some uncontrollably wept with joy.

Wu and I stood on one side of the booth so we clearly saw everything. Later, as more and more people pushed forward, we were forced to move further and further away from the booth. As a result, we missed out on many details and real cases of Master healing illnesses.

However, some things we will never forget.

One was the expression of extreme gratitude on the faces of those who were healed and their family members. When family members saw their loved one who was ill for years suddenly throw away their crutches, or step away from the wheelchair and able to walk without any help, and even run, they were both overjoyed and speechless. Some could not help but exclaim, “A divine being is here!” They didn’t know how to thank Master. Some knelt down and repeatedly kowtowed, exclaiming, “Thank you, Master!” Master simply said, “Please stand up.” He helped them up, and treated the next patient as if nothing extraordinary happened.

The second unforgettable memory is the expression on people’s faces when they witnessed what happened: Astonishment, praise, and respect. Master is capable of anything, even treating severely ill patients and restoring their health. People never saw such extraordinary powers in this lifetime or heard of such things. It is hard to believe if one did not see it with one’s own eyes. People could not help but cry out “It is a miracle!”

Master treated people’s illness during the day every day, and gave three lectures at night which were packed. Wu and I listened to Master’s lectures and witnessed how hard Master worked, both day and night.

Despite how busy he was, Master did not neglect us. During the lunch break, Master found an empty spot and ate with us. He opened his box and gave us the best food he had, leaving little for himself. This happened every day during the expo. We felt bad, but could not turn down his offer. We were moved to tears by Master’s care.

Because we used up our leave from work, we returned home before the closing ceremony of the expo. Master asked us to stay, but due to our poor enlightenment quality, we did not realise how precious this opportunity was. We reluctantly said goodbye to Master. We regret our decision whenever we think of this!

Master displayed great supernormal capabilities at both health expos, shaking Beijing. The impact was far-reaching and the news spread around China. After witnessing these extraordinary things, Wu and I firmly believe in Master and Falun Dafa. We vowed to practice cultivation to the end and follow Master home!