(Minghui.org) During the recent Vancouver Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Canada on June 11, thirteen practitioners talked about how the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance changed them. With compassion and wisdom obtained from Falun Dafa, they were able to help people in many ways. Both speakers and attendees of the event said they learned a lot from it.

Thirteen practitioners talked about their experiences during the Vancouver Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference on June 11, 2023.
Traditional Values

Liang, a young mother of three, used to be heavily influenced by modern ideology. With little understanding of traditional values, she considered filial piety outdated, and looked down on women who devoted themselves to the family.

Through continued study of Falun Dafa’s teachings and looking within, Liang found that these were actually degenerated thoughts derived from selfishness. She therefore struggled with an intense relationship with her mother, and she was unwilling to be a housewife, thinking that she would lose face. For her, being a mother meant feeding the children so that they could grow. She felt that what kind of people they became in the future had nothing to do with her.

Realizing that such human notions were wrong, Liang began to act according to traditional values. She tried to be a good mother who spends time with her children educating them, since this is important for their future, and for society. While striving to be a good wife, she was happy to support her husband unconditionally. When she developed gratitude and respect towards her mother, their relationship not only improved, but her mother was proud of her. Her happy family also drew admiration from her peers.

“A woman with traditional values is not weak or cowardly as modern trends tell us,” Liang explained. “Rather, it is a strength based on kindness, generosity, and wisdom.” She said it was improper to handle family matters with the modern concept of equality between men and women.


Phoning People in China for Eight Years

Jiang has been calling people in China for eight years to tell them what Falun Dafa is, and that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) slanderous propaganda is wrong. “This is also a process for me to become a better person by following Falun Dafa’s teachings and improving my character.”

For example, as a result of systematic brainwashing from the CCP, many Chinese people refuse to listen to any criticism of the CCP, thinking that whoever does this is attacking China. Jiang had to explain to them that the CCP does not equate to China, a land with thousands of years of civilisation. When facing humiliation, dirty words, and sarcastic remarks, Jiang learned the importance of persistence.

“When the CCP turned black into white to deceive people, Chinese people lost their principles and began committing bad deeds including forced organ harvesting,” Jiang explained. “But as we know, good is rewarded and evil is punished. These people are facing danger and we have to help them stop doing that, to be safe.”

After a few years, Jiang said she sometimes felt bored and even considered switching to a different project. In the end, however, she was able to let go of the attachments of showing-off, zealotry, and ego. She learned to persevere and remain undisturbed while fulfilling the mission of saving people.


Promoting Shen Yun

Working in the financial industry, Wang found there are all kinds of temptations that she had to resist while letting go of attachments. She looked for opportunities to recommend Shen Yun performances to her supervisor and coworkers. Her supervisor later bought ten tickets to watch the show with executives from various insurance firms. Eleven of Wang’s team members attended Shen Yun’s performances as a group.

Wang also introduced Shen Yun to a dance school principal and told her that Shen Yun revives the lost essence of traditional Chinese dance, shen dai shou (body leads the arms) and kua dai tui (the hips lead the legs). The principal bought thirteen tickets so all the teachers in the school could learn from Shen Yun.


Grateful and Considerate of Others

Feng has worked for NTD Television for ten years. “Back then when I was watching NTD Television at a practitioner’s home. I was thinking how wonderful it would be if I could join the NTD team,” she recalled. “Five months later, I was working for NTD.”

She began by video editing. As her skills improved, Feng began to criticise other media’s programs and even criticised the interviewees’ appearances. Meanwhile, interviewees also seemed to look at her with scrutiny. After a failed interview, Feng reflected on herself and found her attachments to jealousy and looking down on others. After she changed, she noticed that others also looked at her in a positive way.

When working with other team members, Feng realised she had a strong ego and was not being considerate of others. After she saw these attachments, she was able to stay humble, contribute more, become compassionate, and remain grateful. She found that her mind was calmer and she could better understand other people. The barriers between team members disappeared and they were able to work together better than before.