Taiwan: Discovering Falun Dafa as a Result of the Historic April 25 Peaceful Appeal in Beijing

(Minghui.org) After dozens of Falun Dafa practitioners were illegally detained in Tianjin, about 10,000 practitioners went to Beijing for a peaceful appeal on April 25, 1999, requesting the release of these innocent citizens.

Although the appeal was peacefully carried out from beginning to end, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) still launched the persecution in July 1999. While many people inside China misunderstood the appeal as a “seige of the government,” due to the CCP’s widespread propaganda, more outside of China were impressed by the courage and inner peace exemplified by the practitioners during the appeal.

In Taiwan, for example, news media extensively covered this event the next day. Many people praised the practitioners for their peaceful manner, saying that they were the hope of China’s future. Curious about Falun Dafa, some Taiwanese began to look into the meditation system and below is what they found.


Returning to the Origin

After Taiwan Television covered the appeal in their lunchtime news, China Times (a daily newspaper in Taiwan) published a full-page feature report on the appeal on April 28, 1999. The article also introduced Falun Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and included a photo of group practice attended by 2,000 practitioners in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Similar to the appeal, the practitioners also left the practice site without leaving behind any trash, added the report.

Working as an accountant at a private company, Hsu Mei-hui read about the news during lunch break. It was hard to imagine that in the society under communist rule, there was such a group of citizens who could come and go without organisation. “I need to find out what this is,” Hsu thought. Furthermore, the CCP was known for ruthlessly mistreating people in the past few decades. This group must have great courage to do so. “Almost everything or everyone the CCP opposes is good. Plus this group follows the teachings of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,” she thought. “I need to learn more.”

After reaching out to friends in Taipei for help, Hsu waited for six months but did not hear anything. She called the newspaper, asking for contact information of Falun Dafa practitioners. She was told to read Falun Dafa books first including Zhuan Falun (the main teaching of Falun Dafa) and Essentials for Further Advancement. This way, she began to practice Falun Dafa in late 2000.

Reading Falun Dafa teachings was a special experience. The books answered all her questions and taught her much more. In the past, she had tried various spiritual practices, but none of them really helped her. “Finally, Falun Dafa told me what ‘returning to the origin’ really means. I was so thankful,” she said. In 2001, she attended a 9-day seminar, watching lecture videos given by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa. The group study and exercises filled her with happiness every day.

The practice improved her mind and body. In the past, Hsu’s supervisor at work often yelled at her, making her depressed and suffer stomach pain from time to time. “Now, when conflicts arise, I remind myself to follow the teaching of Falun Dafa and identify my attachments,” she said. “The principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance give me peace and strength.”

Hsu Mei-hui is reading Zhuan Falun, the main teachings of Falun Dafa.


Mind and Body Improvement

Middle school teacher Li Xiuqing was also surprised to hear about the peaceful appeal in April 1999. “What is Falun Dafa? Why would these practitioners do this?” she thought. After all, it is hard to imagine someone would challenge the communist authority for his or her own belief. Li had followed her family’s religious belief, but facing the chaotic society with all kinds of temptations, she often felt helpless.

Because of her busy schedule, however, she did not look further. One day in 2001, she saw a copy of Zhuan Falun on a colleague’s desk. She asked if she could read it. The colleague said yes and gave her more teachings of Falun Dafa. At that time, two years had passed since the peaceful appeal in 1999 and Li was grateful she did not miss the chance to start the practice this time.

“This book is indeed great!! The principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is what we need,” she recalled thinking after reading Zhuan Falun. Deeply impressed by the knowledge and wisdom in the book, she decided to join the group practice the next day.

Due to pressure from work and family chores, Li suffered a severe mental breakdown and insomnia tormented her for a year. Although she had tried medication and a change of lifestyle, they did not make a difference. Two weeks after she started to practice Falun Dafa, all these problems were gone and she slept very well.

Later on, Li’s father and mother-in-law both passed away, with one day in between, not long before the deaths of her two sisters. After witnessing all these, Li realised life is often out of control and she cherished even more the inner peace gained from Falun Dafa.

“Practicing Falun Dafa means I really have to improve my xinxing,” she explained. “That means constantly looking within and checking how I can do better. As long as we stay on track and remain diligent, we will be on the way back to our heavenly home.”

Li Xiuqing at a Falun Dafa activity in May 2020


Perspectives of a Business Owner

Coming from Pingtung, Guan Yuzhen and her husband owned a suit shop. Her family lives in a small apartment and the space was tight. “Falun Dafa gives me a positive attitude and teaches me to look at things from a new angle,” she explained.

Having a strong interest in spiritual practices since childhood, Guan had explored Christianity, Taoism, and Buddhism. But some of her questions were never answered. In mid-April 1999, she and her husband went to a nearby park for a walk, where they saw a banner that read “Falun Dafa.” They approached and were given a copy of Zhuan Falun. Guan finished reading the book in one day and she found answers to all of her questions about life.

Several days later, she heard about the peaceful appeal in Beijing through television news. “How come they are all so peaceful, and with no slogans or banners?” Guan thought. “Is this Falun Dafa?” She then called a practice site coordinator near her home and joined the group practice the following day.

Guan had frequent arguments with her husband. Someone from a religious system invited her to go out practicing for three years to improve her family life and cure her stomach. Right as she was about to leave, Guan saw another news report about the peaceful appeal. Without hesitation, Li turned down her friend and said she had already found her path.

Looking back, Guan was happy to have found Falun Dafa and its profound principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Furthermore, her stomachache was cured without seeing a doctor. “It [the disease] has never come back. And this is like a miracle,” Guan added.

Guan Yuzhen said Falun Dafa explained to her the meaning of life.