(Minghui.org) I was stunned to read Master’s new article “How Humankind Came to Be.” I felt an urgency to introduce Falun Gong and raise awareness of the persecution. Master’s new article is for the world’s people, so I should spread it far and wide and let predestined people read it. I’d like to share with you my recent experiences of distributing the new article while talking to people about Falun Gong.

Most of my relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors have learned about Falun Gong and quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organisations. A few of them didn’t completely accept what I said to them. I wanted to let them read the new article and then pass it on to their friends and relatives. I also hoped to raise awareness further among those who hadn’t quite understood Falun Gong.

One afternoon in late February, I rode my bicycle for 40 minutes in the cold wind and went to a shop affiliated with my former employer. The shop assistants were happy to see me. They said that I was a lucky star who had brought many clients to them that day. I looked around and saw five or six people with three assistants who were helping the clients. I sat down quietly and sent forth righteous thoughts. I waited until all the clients left.

One of the assistants asked me if there was anything important to tell them since I had come in such cold weather. I said: “Yes, of course. Master Li (the founder of Falun Gong) published a new article entitled ‘How Humankind Came to Be.’ This is the first time he has given a lecture to the world’s people. Every sentence is a highly-guarded secret. Whoever reads the article will be greatly blessed.”

She said that she loved to read Falun Gong materials and asked me to show them. The other two assistants came over also. I asked them to pass the new article on to their friends and family members because they would be doing a good deed and would be blessed. They agreed. One of them said that she had read the materials I gave her three years ago and asked me to help her withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organisations. I said: “Not a problem. Please ring me when your family members and friends want to quit the CCP organisations.”

On my way home, I went to another affiliated shop. It was near closing time. I gave Master’s new article and some pamphlets to the team leader. I asked her to read them when she got home and to treasure Master’s new article. She agreed. A deputy manager of the company happened to be there. He had already quit the CCP. I clarified the truth to him again. He said that he understood and asked me to help his son withdraw from the CCP. I told him that his son should agree. I asked him to tell his son about Falun Gong. He said: “Not a problem. Rest assured.”

One day I went to a fruit shop to buy fruit. The shop owner had already learned about Falun Gong. I gave her a copy of Master’s new article. She said that she would read it carefully when she got home. She said: “Two elderly women in my residential area also practice Falun Gong. They are kind and good people. I love to read your Falun Gong materials.” I asked her to pass it on to her family and friends so that they would know the truth and be blessed. I asked her especially to pass it on to her son. Her son then came into the shop. He said he had been passing by and came in to have a look. I talked to him about Falun Gong and he agreed to withdraw from the CCP’s affiliated organisations. He thanked me.

I visited a 93-year-old manager from my previous company one afternoon in February. He was a man with righteous character. He and his wife withdrew from the CCP and its affiliated organisations a long time ago. When he saw me, he shouted: “Long live Falun Gong!” He then told me how he had recovered from COVID-19.

He tested positive for COVID-19 after the lockdown was lifted. He had severe symptoms but was unable to get into a hospital. Through some connections, he was hospitalised in the ICU of a local hospital. He repeatedly recited the two phrases, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” in his heart. He finally recovered. He is now in good health. He was very thankful to Falun Gong.

He said that six people who were younger than him had passed away from COVID in the building where he lives. When he learned that I didn’t have COVID at all, he gave me a thumbs up and said: “Great!” I told him that I brought him a copy of Master’s new article “How Humankind Came to Be.” I said: “This is the first time that our Master has given a lecture to the worldly people. Every sentence is a closely guarded secret. You must treasure it. Please have a good read and then pass it on to your family members.” He replied: “Sure! Sure!”

In early March I visited a shop where I had once worked. The team leader said: “I have read your Master’s article. It is great. My husband and mother-in-law also read it. Both of them said it was very good.”

A couple of days ago, I came across an old colleague. She said: “I know this time that we human beings were created by gods, we didn’t evolve from apes. The CCP propagates atheism. People don’t revere gods and don’t believe ‘good will be rewarded and evil will be punished.’ You see how chaotic society has become. It harms Chinese people.”


Sending the New Article to Those Who Hadn’t Withdrawn from the CCP

On my way home on February 17, I thought of an old client who had withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliated organisations a long time ago. His wife had been my colleague at my former company. Several practitioners had talked to her about Falun Gong, but she had refused to withdraw from the CCP. This client had once asked me to talk to his wife if the opportunity arose. I was thinking of meeting her someday when I saw her coming toward me. I was so happy that I almost jumped. I thanked Master in my heart.

We greeted each other. I then told her how Falun Gong gave me good health and that I hadn’t contracted COVID-19. I also told her that our Master had published a new article, which addressed the world’s people for the first time. I sincerely hoped that she would learn the truth, keep herself safe from disasters, and have a good future. I urged her to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organisations. She said without hesitation: “Please help me withdraw from the CCP.” She thanked me. I asked her to thank our Master.


Sending the New Article to Strangers

I recently gave people Master’s new article after I helped them understand Falun Gong. I came across a young man one day in March who was selling apples. I chatted with him while I chose apples. I was about to talk to him when several people came. He became busy and said to me that he would stay there for several days and he would chat with me another day.

I met him in the late afternoon the next day. He said to me, “I remember you. You bought apples from me yesterday. You are a good person.” I then helped him to understand Falun Gong and explained to him why he should withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organisations. He agreed and asked me to help him quit the CCP. I gave him a copy of Master’s new article and asked him to have a good read after he got home. He said that he would.

I came across him several days later. He said: “We are predestined and meet again. Thank you so much. I have read the article. It is a great article. I will learn from you and become a good person to accumulate virtue for future generations.”

The sentient beings are awakening and waiting to be saved. It is our obligation to help people understand the truth. Thank you Master for your boundless compassion and for taking care of us. I will cultivate diligently and complete my mission.