(Minghui.org) There was an old Chinese saying, “One cannot deceive the divine, because, to them, your thoughts are as clear as day,” meaning that when a person has kind thoughts, he or she will be blessed. On the other hand, ill thoughts and bad deeds lead to misfortunes.

Below are a few examples from ancient times to the present day.


Recovery from Humpback Condition

Zeng Yandong, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty, wrote this story in Xiao Doupeng (Little Beans Trellis). In the city of Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, there was a man named Jin who had been humpbacked since he was a child. One piece of his land, about 20 mu (about three acres), always yielded a good harvest, regardless of droughts or floods. Because of that, people called him Jin Yuanbao (“Jin Gold Ingot,” jin is pronounced the same as “gold”).

Qin (pseudonym), another wealthy person in the area, was very greedy. He wanted Jin’s fertile land and tried to buy it. But Jin would not sell it no matter what Qin offered. In revenge, Qin colluded with government officials to frame Jin. Jin lost nearly everything and had to sell his land. Qin bought the land for about half of its market price.

Now living in poverty, Jin once walked past his former land and sighed in sadness. One of his former tenants came by and told him how Qin had framed him. Furious, Jin took to carrying a big knife in hopes of killing Qin whenever they met.

One day, Jin heard that Qin had gone to a relative’s to drink. Jin hid by the side of the road that evening, planning to kill Qin when he walked by.

As he was waiting, Jin started to think: “Qin did a terrible thing when he seized my land, but even if I kill him and ‘get my revenge,’ I will not get that land back. Not only that, I will end up losing my own life. It’s not worth it.” He threw the knife into the river and gave up the idea of revenge.

On his way home, Jin walked over a stone bridge. As he did, he heard a voice say, “Jin Yuanbao is here.” Wondering why someone would call him by his nickname, he felt someone bending him backwards. Another person tied him up and pressed him between two wooden boards. It felt as if the bones where his back was curved were being crushed, and he passed out from the pain. When he came to, however, Jin’s humpback was gone and he knew that the divine had helped him. When he got home, his wife was surprised and delighted to see her humpbacked husband was now tall and handsome.

Jin’s recovery was big news in the area, and many people came to see him. Gradually his financial situation improved, but he did not tell anyone how his humpback was cured. He just said it was because of a secret recipe.

Several months later, Qin visited him. He brought lots of gifts and was very courteous. The next day, he came again to invite Jin to his home. Jin declined, but Qin was persistent and sincerely invited him again and again, so Jin decided to go.

Qin served Jin delicious food, and was again very polite. After the meal, Qin invited Jin to another room for a private talk. Knowing Qin must need help with something, Jin wanted to brush it off, saying it was too late and he needed to get home.

But then Qin knelt down and begged for help. Already over 50, he only had one son, who was 7. Qin loved him very much. When the boy was playing one evening, he fell down from a ping feng (room dividing screen) and had been humpbacked ever since. “My wife and I worry about this all the time,” Qin said. “We heard you cured your humpback with a secret recipe. I am begging you… If I could use that recipe to treat my son, I will give you one hundred taels of gold to thank you.”

Hearing Qin’s story, Jin knew this was karmic retribution. He looked up and did not say anything.

“If that is not enough, I can give you more,” Qin added.

“No, it’s not that. If I take your money, I could end up a hunchback again,” Jin said.

Thinking about all his years as a hunchback, Jin was in tears.

Surprised by his reaction, Qin asked him what had happened. Still in tears, Jin told him all the details. They then calculated the date and discovered that the evening that Jin gave up the thought of killing was the same evening Qin’s boy fell.

By then, Qin knew it was his bad deeds that had caused his son misery. He was filled with remorse and wept. The next day he arranged for Jin and his wife to live with him so that he could take good care of them, and he returned Jin’s land to him. After that, his son’s humpback condition was cured without treatment.


Son of a 610 Office Staff Member

Similar things have happened during the persecution of Falun Dafa, a spiritual practice based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to suppress the group in July 1999, millions of practitioners have been mistreated and discriminated against. Many were detained, imprisoned, and tortured for their belief. Some suffered psychiatric abuse and even became victims of forced organ harvesting.

Ai worked in a 610 Office in Yunnan Province, and her husband was a prison officer. At a college reunion, her friend Ping, a Falun Dafa practitioner, told her about the practice, its benefits, and the suppression. “You’re lucky you’re my friend,” Ai warned her. “Otherwise, you would be arrested.”

Later, Ai’s only child was admitted to renowned Fudan University. The boy was badly injured in a car accident and the car fled. His heart was irreparably damaged. In fact, the doctors announced several times that he was on death’s door.

In despair, Ai remembered Falun Dafa and asked Ping for help. “It doesn’t matter what it costs,” she said. “Even if I end up with nothing left, I want my son to live.”

Ping said that neither she nor Falun Dafa would take a penny from Ai, but that harming the innocent would indeed be bad for Ai and her family. She suggested that Ai help get practitioners released, apologise to those who had suffered because of her, and recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Ai began to check on the practitioners she had sent to labor camps and prisons. Since most of them had been released, she decided to visit each one and apologise. “These families have suffered terribly because of me. Won’t they humiliate me or seek revenge?” she thought. To her surprise, they were all very generous and no one had a bad attitude. She also returned the cash confiscated from the practitioners, a total of 240,000 yuan.

By the time Ai had paid back about a third of those she owed, her son recovered with no further treatment. The doctors were stunned and Ai’s family was thrilled. They not only came to understand the importance of reciting “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” but also agreed to quit the CCP organisations for a better future.


Throat Cancer Healed

Wei Zhonghua, 52, is one of my co-workers. We have been employed in the same workshop for over a decade. We have also been neighbors for 15 years and have known each other for 30 years. He often said bad things about Falun Dafa and joked about it. I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t listen.

Wei’s voice started to sound hoarse in 2001, and he was diagnosed with throat cancer. He had surgery in June and three quarters of his vocal cords were removed. The doctor said to him, “You will have to use the tube inserted in your throat for the rest of your life, and you will no longer be able to speak.” After several chemotherapy sessions, he was emaciated, just skin and bones.

I often went to visit him with a fellow practitioner from my company, and gave him Falun Dafa books and truth clarification materials. He was very willing to accept them. He now believes in the existence of higher beings and also knows that Falun Dafa is good. He hung up a banner at home that said “Falun Dafa Is Good.”

Eight months after the surgery, he coughed and spit out what looked like a piece of bone with a thread in it. He took it to the doctor. The doctor was shocked. It was a piece of cartilage taken from his rib and had been sewn in place to serve as part of his trachea.

The doctor did a thorough internal exam and couldn’t believe what he saw. The trachea wall was healed and the throat tube could be removed.

More amazing things happened. The wound in his throat healed the day after the tube was removed, and Wei was able to speak again. Not only that, he quickly found a welding job.


Recovery From Facial Paralysis

Deputy Manager Wang Zhongyi (alias) of the local shopping mall suffered from facial paralysis for over ten years. He visited many doctors and spent over 100,000 yuan on medical treatments, but nothing helped. He finally gave up and let it be.

One morning his wife noticed that his face was no longer paralysed. Wang looked in the mirror and was surprised to see that his face looked normal. He went to the local doctors that treated him in the past. They could not explain what happened.

When he talked to me about his recovery, I realised that he must have been blessed for protecting me.

The head of our shopping mall had called an urgent meeting two months before and announced, “We found a Falun Dafa practitioner [referring to me] in our mall. We need to drive him out and stop him from doing business here. Toss his goods into the street!” The managers and security personnel said nothing. Many of them just played on their cell phones with their heads down.

Wang said, “I’ll say something since you are all so quiet. He is only a vendor and rents a booth in the shopping mall. He is not an employee. Why would we drive him out? He always pays his rent on time. Why would we kick him out? Our mall has a hard time paying its employees as it is. We’d lose a few thousand yuan in income each month if we kicked him out. Will the police department make up for our lost rent? They won’t. We won’t kick him out unless they pay us.” The others thought it made sense and seconded what he said. The manager faltered.

Wang made a right choice at a critical moment and protected a Falun Dafa practitioner. He also earned an unexpected reward. The person who attempted to drive me out, on the other hand, was arrested for taking bribes three days before Wang’s facial paralysis was healed.