(Minghui.org) The theory of evolution by natural selection has faced many challenges since Charles Darwin published it in his 1859 book On the Origin of Species. The theory contradicts different faiths, and even modern scientific discoveries have also proven that the three pieces of evidence of evolution (namely, anatomy, similarity of embryos, and archaeology) are groundless. Molecular biology and genetics have further shown the theory of evolution is impossible. In fact, even Darwin himself was timid and doubtful when he first brought up the hypothesis of evolution.

Nonetheless, after On the Origin of Species was published in 1859, it quickly attracted much attention. Karl Marx, who had published The Communist Manifesto 11 years before, embraced it and wrote in 1860 that “Darwin’s book is very important and serves me as a basis in natural science for the class struggle in history.”

Both Darwin and Marx grew up in religious families and studied theology themselves in their early years. They, however, went on to establish the two atheistic systems, evolution theory and communism, respectively. One monk in Mongla, Myanmar, said Darwin was the reincarnation of a demon king. Like Marx, he came to this world to destroy mankind. Minghui.org has published many articles, such as “Why Does the Atheistic Chinese Communist Party Require Members to Pledge Perpetual Allegiance?” that analysed Marx and communism. In this three-part series, we focus on Darwin’s life and his evolution theory.

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4. 90% of Modern Organisms Appeared at the Same Time

Mark Stoeckle and David Thaler at the University of Basel in Switzerland worked with hundreds of scientists and studied 100,000 species of organisms and 5 million DNA fragments. Their results were published in Human Evolution in 2018 in a paper titled “Why should mitochondria define species?”

Among the 7.6 billion people, 500 million house sparrows, or 100,000 sandpipers on this earth, their genetic diversity is about the same. In addition, nine out of 10 species on Earth today, including humans, came into being 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. “This conclusion is very surprising, and I fought against it as hard as I could,” explained Thaler in an interview. Apparently, this has disrupted the evolutionary theory’s timetable.

Cambrian Explosion (the emergence of many phyla that make up modern animal life) between 541 million and 530 million years ago was another puzzle for evolution. Before the Explosion, most organisms were relatively simple, either unicellular or small multi-cellular ones. During the 11 million years of the Cambrian Explosion, however, the diversification of organisms suddenly accelerated and almost all present-day animal phyla appeared during this period.

In fact, geological formations in Burgess in Canada and two places in China (Chengjiang in Yunnan Province and Kaili in Guizhou Province) are the three largest shale-type biotas in the world. This evidence confirms the explosion of life in the geological history of the Cambrian Period (541 million to 485.4 million years ago), something that Darwinism’s theory cannot explain.


5. A 270 Million-Year-Old Boulder

In early June 2002, Wang Guofu, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary of Taopo Village in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province, discovered a boulder with the Chinese words “The Chinese Communist Party is doomed” on it. Above 1.5 meters above the ground, each of the six Chinese characters is 25 cm high and 18 cm wide. The characters, which stand about 0.5 cm to 1.2 cm above the surface of the boulder, appear embossed, like flocking on wallpaper.

Discovered in Guizhou Province: The words “The Chinese Communist Party is doomed” on a 270 million-year-old boulder

Mao Jianquan, professor at the College of Resources and Environment at Guizhou University of Technology, and other scientists examined the boulder in late August 2003. They concluded the characters were formed by biological fossils about 270 million years ago. Composed of calcite (calcium carbonate), the characters are of the same material as the boulder itself. In fact, the scientists said that the remains of the biological organisms simply built up over time and formed the characters.

Wang Lixian, an expert in geology from Guizhou Provincial Department of Land and Resources, examined the boulder on September 2, 2003, followed by geologists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and China University of Geosciences. All of them concluded the characters were formed naturally. The chance of this happening and forming a sentence is one out of 100 trillion (or 1014).

Evolutionary theory cannot explain this either. The boulder and the six Chinese characters were formed 270 million years ago, but Chinese characters in general did not come into being until about 3,500 years ago. Not only that, some of the six characters on the boulder were traditional Chinese (which didn’t exist until 1,800 years ago), while others were simplified Chinese (which the CCP established after it came to power in 1949).


6. Blessed by the Divine

Across cultures, there was a belief that mankind came from the divine. In traditional Chinese culture, in particular, people paid attention to the harmony of heaven, earth, and mankind. That is why they followed their conscience and had high moral values. They were, in turn, blessed. Civilisations that became corrupt, on the other hand, were wiped out. This happened to the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, which were destroyed by fire, as well as Pompeii, which was obliterated in a volcanic eruption.

Because the CCP has systematically eliminated traditional culture over the past few decades, especially during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), China is facing a situation similar to the ancient civilisations that were destroyed. The communist ideology of hatred, brutality, and lies has further poisoned the Chinese. Data shows the CCP had killed 80 million of its people during its political campaigns, and about 400 million people in China have lost their lives in the three-year pandemic.

On January 20, 2023, two days before the Chinese New Year, Falun Dafa’s founder Mr. Li Hongzhi published an article titled “How Humankind Came To Be.”

Master Li wrote, “…I am seeing imminent danger approaching humanity, and have been called upon by divine beings to pass along, for this reason, several things to everyone in this world. Each of what I am about to disclose is a higher, closely guarded secret, and these are being shared to provide a true picture of affairs, and to give people another chance at salvation.”

In the same article, he also wrote.

“All of this is to say that the purpose of people’s lives on this earth isn’t to accomplish something in the world. All of the intense efforts and attempts people make in life, and their drive to get what they want, which can even involve resorting to unscrupulous means, only make people immoral in the end.”

“Heaven, Earth, the Divine, and the Creator alike are compassionate toward all lives. Heaven and Earth, just as with man, were made by the Creator, and it is never the case that He plays favorites with some lives and shortchanges others. The reason some people lead happy lives and others do not all comes down to rewards and retributions for past deeds,”

Master Li further explained.

We hope more people can know the real history of mankind. By learning the facts and following the truth, they will be blessed.

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