(Minghui.org) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is notorious for deceiving people in order to achieve its own agenda. It says one thing and does another, making its official announcements untrustworthy. Additionally, the CCP often makes 180-degree turns on its previous announcements, leaving ordinary citizens clueless of the facts. However, CCP officials may reveal inside information to their family members and/or friends, who, in turn, may leak the information to those close to them.

Such “inside information” is often true. To avoid being fooled by the CCP, ordinary people in China like to seek out inside information, or “hearsay” as the authorities dismissively label it. Being able to access such “hearsay” has become an indicator of a person’s connections and ability. Those on the receiving end of such information feel privileged, while the ones passing on the information often use it as leverage for personal gain. As soon as new “hearsay” appears, it spreads quickly.

One example is information about the pandemic. Before the government agencies at various levels locked people down, “inside information” predicting an imminent lockdown prompted people to stockpile food, medicine and other necessities. Although the authorities repeatedly refuted the “rumors,” few heeded the denials and lockdowns did, indeed, end up being imposed.

Under the deceitful rule of the CCP in which ordinary citizens and even lower-level officials can be fooled at any time, people often have a thirst for insider information in order to protect themselves from the regime’s damaging policies. Even if the information does not directly concern oneself, it does not hurt to know about it “just in case,” people often say.

The popularity of spreading hearsay in China is a byproduct of the Party culture. As Falun Dafa practitioners, we need to let go of any tendency to pass on hearsay.

Master said,

“There are some people who also spread the hearsay among one another with a great deal of interest, as though they are well informed, and as though so many of our practitioners do not understand or know as much as they do. It has become natural for them, and perhaps they do not realise it themselves. Subconsciously, they just have this mentality of showing off. Otherwise, what would be the purpose of circulating the hearsay?” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

Living under the Party culture in communist China, many Dafa practitioners have gotten used to spreading hearsay without realising that it is harmful. For example, some practitioners like to ask who is doing technical support, who has a truth-clarification materials production site at home, and who hosts group study sessions in their homes. After learning such information, they might casually share it. As a result, some practitioners have been arrested and some material production sites have been raided by the police.

In addition, some practitioners managed to circumvent the internet blockade and can read uncensored news. This information is readily available outside of China, but not to those in China due to the CCP’s censorship. These practitioners share what they read as a way to show off how capable they are in accessing information others don’t know about.

Some practitioners who have left China are still obsessed with passing along hearsay and gossip, confusing other practitioners and everyday people in Western society.

If a Falun Dafa disciple is obsessed with obtaining insider information and spreading hearsay, it could be that he or she does not truly believe the Dafa teachings that have been published, and is still attached to showing off their connections or seeking a shortcut in cultivation. Regardless of the situation, however, this is not the behavior of a genuine Dafa practictioner.

Practitioners who left China and moved to another country have lived in two different societies and are likely able to recognise the influence of Party culture. But without solid effort to let go of the influence of Party culture and constantly improve, that discernment means nothing.

In the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party it says, “The Party culture is the environment necessary for the survival of the communist evil cult. Removing the CCP’s possession of people’s minds may prove to be more difficult than clearing out the CCP’s possession of state administrations, but such a removal is the only way truly to uproot the evil of communism.”

Clearing up influences of the CCP culture and removing all those elements from our minds is important for us as Falun Dafa disciples. It is also very urgent.

Editor’s note: This article only represents the author’s understanding for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare in studying, compare in cultivating.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)