(Minghui.org) Song Hongyuan became chief of the Daqing City Police Department in Heilongjiang Province in March 2022. He coordinated the Heilongjiang Province Public Security Bureau, Daqing 610 Office and Daqing Political and Legal Affairs Committee to conduct three group arrests of Falun Gong practitioners. The arrests took place between April and July 2022.

At least 189 practitioners were arrested and another 107 harassed, including those in their 80s and a three-year-old child. Among them, at least 211 had their homes ransacked. At least 11 practitioners are still detained and six of them now face prosecution after their arrests were approved. Due to the strict information blockade, the actual numbers of arrests and harassment are expected to be higher.

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a spiritual discipline that has been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since 1999. Countless practitioners have been arrested, harassed, sentenced, and tortured for upholding their faith.


Group Arrests on April 20

During the arrests on April 20, most participating officers either wore plainclothes or medical gowns. Some deceived the practitioners into opening the door by claiming to conduct a flu survey or notify the practitioners that they were found to have close contact with people who tested positive for COVID-19.

The arrests lasted from 6 a.m. until afternoon. Most of the practitioners were released on the same day. According to one officer, over 100 practitioners were arrested. Due to the information blockade, only 34 arrests and 11 cases of harassment have been confirmed by Minghui.org so far.

Arrests by Huizhan Police Station

Three plainclothes officers broke into Ms. Yuan Lixue’s home at 6 a.m. and ransacked her place. Her Falun Gong books, photo of Falun Gong’s founder, a laptop, a printer, and dozens of Falun Gong pamphlets were taken away. She was released at around 11 a.m.

Other practitioners arrested by officers from Huizhan Police Station include: Ms. Wang Fajuan, her husband, and their three-year-old child, Ms. Zhao Qingyun and her guest Mr. Zheng Xinwei, Ms. Chen Hailian, in her 60s, Ms. Zhou Xianfeng, Ms. Wang Shuhua, in her 70s, Mr. Deng and his wife Ms. Li, Ms. Dai, Ms. Wang Xiuling, 60, Ms. Kong Xiushi and her daughter Ms. Wang Xiaomeng, Ms. Shi in her 70s, Ms. Liu Guifen, 68, Ms. Xu Shuwen, 64, Ms. Sun in her 60s, Ms. Wu in her 70s, Ms. Huang, Ms. Gu in her 70s, Ms. Lou, Ms. Li Yanyun, Ms. Lu, Ms. Li Yaru, Ms. Cao, 85 and several other practitioners whose names weren’t known.

Arrests by Dongan Police Station

Ms. Zhang Fengxia, 70, and Ms. Guo Shuying, in her 50s, were arrested at 7 a.m. Their Falun Gong books, photos of Falun Gong’s founder, Falun Gong informational materials, laptops and media players were confiscated. They were released on bail in the afternoon.

Arrests by Tieren Police Station

Ms. Duan Xiaorong was arrested at home at around 6:30 a.m. Twelve officers spent the entire morning searching her home. Her Falun Gong related materials, computer and printer were confiscated. Meanwhile, several officers also raided her daughter’s home and took away a media player. Both Ms. Duan and her daughter were taken to the police station for a brief interrogation and released on the same day.

Arrests by Ranghulu Police Station

Ms. Zhou Guilan and Ms. Wang Ying, an elementary school teacher, were arrested at 7 a.m. Both of their homes were raided. They were released on the same day.

Arrests by Honggang Police Station

Ms. Feng Lianxia, 65, was arrested on the afternoon of April 22. Her Falun Gong books, lecture DVDs and tapes, photo of Falun Gong’s founder, as well as fifteen booklets, three calendars with information about Falun Gong, one media player, six memory cards and 2,700 yuan paper currency printed with information about Falun Gong (as a way to raise awareness about the persecution due to strict information censorship) were confiscated. She was interrogated in a metal chair at the police station for nine hours and released on bail at midnight. Her cellphone and ID were withheld by the police.

Three more practitioners were harassed by officers of Honggang District Police Station, including Ms. Zhang, 79, Ms. Wang, in her 70s and Ms. Liu, in her 60s.


Group Arrests on June 6

At least 20 practitioners were targeted during the police sweep on June 6.

Arrests by Gaoxin Development Police Station

Ms. Shi Jianhua, 74, was arrested at home at around 9 p.m. The police claimed that she was reported for distributing informational materials about Falun Gong. Her home was ransacked.

Around ten practitioners in the Gaoxin Development District were also arrested on the same day. Those who had more Falun Gong materials at home were released on bail and face possible prosecution. Those who had less materials were given five days of administrative detention, but were exempted from serving it.

Arrest by Longfeng Police Station

Three officers broke into Ms. Zhao Liyan’s home in the afternoon and ransacked her home. She was given an unknown detention term but wasn’t required to serve it.

Arrests by Longgang Police Station

Mr. Ruan was arrested by police staking out his home when he went out at 8 a.m. Several officers searched his home. Both he and his wife were taken to the police station. They were released on bail in the afternoon after paying a 10,000-yuan bail bond.

Harassment by Liming Residential Committee

Ms. Liu Yanqin, in her 70s, was stopped by a residential committee staff member when she went out on the morning of June 7 and was ordered to take the COVID-19 vaccine shot. She refused to comply. A man with the residential committee staffer threatened Ms. Liu. She still said no to the vaccine request. A few other people came out of nowhere and grabbed her. They dragged her all the way to her second-floor apartment, causing her to faint and foam at the mouth. While waiting for the ambulance, an officer attempted to search her home, but her husband and neighbor stopped him.

Other practitioners who were harassed include Ms. Gong Baoying, Mr. Dai Fugui, and Tian (gender unknown).


Group Arrests on July 12

Over 100 Falun Gong practitioners were arrested on July 12, 2022, eight days before the 23rd anniversary of the persecution. According to a police officer, the authorities had begun to follow and videotape the practitioners as early as nine months before the operation. The date of the arrests was not announced to the participating police until a week prior. The officers did not give out their names, precincts, or their contact information while making the arrests, claiming that such information was a state secret.

Most of the arrests were made early in the morning between 5 and 7 a.m. when the practitioners were home. Many of their personal belongings were confiscated, particularly Falun Gong books, photos of Falun Gong’s founder, laptops, cell phones, and fliers that the practitioners used to raise awareness about the persecution. These items would be used as prosecution evidence for the police to pursue prison sentences against them.

One officer claimed that they were given a list of 200 practitioners to arrest. Another one said they arrested over 300 practitioners. Due to local outbreaks of Covid since mid-August, it has become even more difficult to verify the arrests. So far, 135 arrests and 89 incidents of harassment have been confirmed by Minghui.org. At least 156 of those practitioners had their homes ransacked.

At the time of writing, eleven practitioners, including Ms. Tang Zengye, Ms. Zhao Li, Ms. Li Dongju, Ms. Du Chunxiang, Ms. Zhang Linying, Ms. Feng Yunjuan, Ms. Feng Lianxia, Ms. Cheng Qiaoyun, Ms. Chen Shuhua, Mr. Zhu Mingdi and his wife Ms. Cai Xiuying are still detained at the Daqing City Detention Centre.

Among them, Ms. Tang, Ms. Zhao, Ms. Li, Ms. Feng Lianxia, Mr. Zhu and Ms. Cai have had their arrests approved.

Arrests by Gaoxin Development District Police Station

Ms. Li Dongju, around 60, and Ms. Zhang, 80, were arrested at around 6 a.m. Their Falun Gong books and informational materials were confiscated. Another 20 practitioners were also arrested by officers from the Gaoxin Development District Police Station.

Ms. Yang Guilan, 76, Ms. Liu Li, Ms. Su Yuanxiang, Ms. Wang Fengzhen, Ms. Zhao Yuzhi, Ms. Li Shulan, Ms. Liu Zhenlan, 87, Ms. Zheng Liyan, in her 60s, Ms. Li Xiaomei, Ms. Zhang in her 70s, Ms. Chu Zhanjuan, and Ms. Liu Xingyun were harassed on the same day.

Arrests by Huizhan Police Station

Ms. Zhang Fengxia, in her 50s, was surrounded by a group of officers when she left for work in the morning. After confiscating her Falun Gong books, informational materials and computer, the police took her and her husband to the police station. She was interrogated and ordered to write a statement to renounce Falun Gong. They were released in the afternoon.

Mr. Chen Zhilong and his wife Ms. Sheng Liyun had their homes ransacked in the morning. At the same time, the police arrested their son Mr. Chen Lei and daughter Ms. Chen Rong. Both of them were released later that day.

Another five practitioners were harassed on the same day and had their homes ransacked.

Arrests by Dongan Police Station

Ms. Tang Zengye, a 56-year-old former accountant at Daqing Oil Production No. 3 Plant, was arrested at home at around 4 a.m. She was force fed when she held a hunger strike to protest the persecution at Daqing City Detention Centre.

Another six practitioners were arrested by officers from the same police station, including Mr. Li Zhiqing, Ms. Li Shuhua, Ms. Li Shuying, Ms. Ma Xiuqin, Mr. Jiao Chunfu and his wife Ms. Zhang Yanfang.

Arrests by Tieren Police Station

Ms. Liu Fenglan, Ms. Zhao Yuhua and Ms. Xie were arrested in the morning and had their homes ransacked. They were all released on the same day.

Arrests by Honggang Police Station

Having been arrested in April, Ms. Feng Lianxia was arrested and had her home ransacked again in July. She is one of the practitioners who are still detained.

Other practitioners who were targeted on the same day include Ms. Wang Yanping, 69, Ms. Liu Qiongfang, in her 60s, Ms. Wang Yan, Ms. Yang Jingshuang, in her 70s, and Ms. Wang Shuqing, in her 70s.

Arrests by Dongguang Police Station

Six officers went into Ms. Wu Yumei’s home and ransacked the place. One Falun Gong book was taken away by the police. They took her to the police station and interrogated her. She was released on the same day.

Others who were arrested included Ms. Zhang Xiufen, Mr. Yu Shuang and his wife Ms. Zhang Zihan, Ms. Xu, Jin, Jia and Wu.

The following practitioners were harassed: Ms. Wang Xiying, in her 70s, Ms. Li Bingying, 73, Ms. Kang Xingrong, in her 70s, Ms. Ma, in her 60s, Ms. Xie Chengqiu, in her 60s, Mr. Zhang, in his 70s, Mr. Luo, in his 70s, Mr. Shi Junmin and his wife Ms. Li Shuzhi, in their 70s, Ms. Gao, 82, Ms. Shi Liwen, in her 60s, Mr. Xie Chengqiu, Ms. Zou, Ms. Xi, 79, Mr. Wei, Ms. Shi, Li and a male practitioner whose name wasn’t known.

Arrests by Wolitun Police Station

The police raided Mr. Jin Miaoqing’s home at 7 a.m. after having a locksmith break the lock. The police arrested Mr. Jin, 71, and his daughter Ms. Jin Wei. At the police station, there were at least twenty other arrested practitioners, including Ms. Sun and Mr. Yao in his 80s. Seventeen of them were later released on bail.

Arrests by Longfeng Police Station

Ms. Zhao and her husband, in their 60s, were arrested and had their home raided by the Longfeng Police Station. They were released on July 27, after 15 days of detention.

Arrests by Donghu Police Station

Ms. Shi Shuhuan, around 70, was arrested at home in the afternoon. Her Falun Gong books and Falun Gong themed painting were confiscated. She was ordered to write a statement to renounce Falun Gong at the police station. She was released at around 2 a.m.

Arrests by Longnan Police Station

In Honggang District, 18 practitioners were arrested by officers of the Longnan Police Station, including Ms. Cheng Qiaoyun, 64, Ms. Dang Qiue, Mr. Li Yequan, Ms. Ding Guiying, around 70, Ms. Zhao Hongying and her husband, Mr. Zhu Mingdi and his wife Ms. Cai Xiuying, Mr. Gao Xijiang, Ms. Xu Fujun, Mr. Pang Zhonghua, Ms. Chen Jingjie, in her 60s, Ms. Li Guilian, 84, Ms. Wang Xuemei, Ms. Du Chunxiang and her husband, in his 60s, Ms. Jin Baojin and Ms. Zhu Jianli.

Ms. Zhang Shuyun, 65, suffered convulsion when the police were ransacking her home and wasn’t arrested.

Ms. Zhu Jianyun also avoided the arrest as she did not open the door for the police when they went to her home.

The police ransacked Ms. Zhao Xiuping’s parents’ home. Ms. Zhao wasn’t there and the police returned that afternoon and made her brother sign her bail release document.

Arrests by Longgang Police Station

Ms. Sun Shufang, 74, Ms. Jiang Shuhua, 62, Mr. He Jiashu and his wife Ms. Li Yongxiu, in her 60s, were arrested at around 7 a.m. The police confiscated Ms. Sun’s 45 Falun Gong books and Ms. Jiang’s over 20 books. Except Ms. Jiang who was detained 15 days, the other practitioners were released on the same day.

Other arrested practitioners were: Ms. Yang Guiying, 81, Ms. Zhao in her 70s, Ms. Wang, Ms. Liu Yan, Ms. Lin Fengyu in her 70s, Ms. Zhou, Ms. Zhao, 72, Ms. Liu in her 80s, and Ms. Li Yuelan.

Ms. Zhao Guizhi, 78, was harassed and had her home ransacked.

Arrests by Ranghulu Police Station

Ms. Li Tieying was arrested at her daughter’s home at 9 a.m. Her three Falun Gong books were taken away. The police also ransacked her own home and later released her on bail.

Six officers went to Mr. Cui Hongyi’s home and searched his place without identifying themselves.

Arrest and Harassment by Lamadian Police Station

Ms. Qu Shengzhi, in her 70s, was arrested at home and had her computer, printer and many other personal items taken away. She has been released on bail.

Officer He Jinggui tried to photograph Ms. Zhang Guilan and she refused to cooperate. The same officer also harassed Ms. Fu Qingzhi on the phone. Another practitioner around 70 was harassed over the phone.

Arrests by Lindian County Police Station

Ms. Zhao Li, 57, was arrested at home and had many personal items confiscated. She is still detained right now and faces prosecution.

Another practitioner who is still detained, Ms. Feng Yunjuan, 45, was arrested by over ten officers at 8 a.m. Her father-in-law Mr. Wang Dianwen, 81, mother-in-law Ms. Tian Guiqin, 80, sister-in-law Ms. Du Jinyan, and Ms. Du’s sister Ms. Du Jinbo were also arrested and had their homes ransacked.

The police arrested Mr. Yan Shaoyi while he was on his way to work. A dozen officers smashed his door lock and ransacked his home. He was detained for 15 days and released on July 28.

Arrests by Datong District Police Station

Eight officers went to Ms. Du Guocong’s home at 3 p.m. and ransacked it. They arrested Mr. Du, in his 70s, and his daughter. The police interrogated them but they refused to respond. Mr. Du asked the police why they were arresting him. They said it was part of a police operation and the fact that he had Falun Gong materials at home would be used as evidence to charge him.

The police forged his deposition and also ordered him to sign the statements to renounce Falun Gong, which he refused. He and his daughter were released in the evening. When they arrived home and tried to clean up the mess, two officers came and ransacked their place again.

Arrests by Dumeng County Police Station

Eight officers broke into Ms. Chen Yazhi’s home at around 7 a.m. and took away her two sets of Falun Gong books and a cellphone. As she failed the physical examination for detention, she was released on bail in the evening.

The police attempted to arrest Ms. Li Mingxiu, who has a physical disability, but didn’t succeed. Three other practitioners, Mr. Zhang Zhimin, Ms. Lan Wenhua, and Mr. Dong Haifeng, 80, were harassed.

Other practitioners who were arrested on July 12 included: Ms. Wang Jinlan; Ms. Yin Xiulan, around 80, and her daughter Xu Ying; Mr. Li Xinli; Ms. Zheng Yulan, in her 80s, her son Mr. Chen Xiaohui, and daughter-in-law; Ms. Li, in her 70s; Mr. Zhang Xuguang; Ms. Zou Fengchun; Mr. Xie Zhengyong and his wife Ms. Xie Shuzhen, in her 60s; Ms. Cheng, around 80; Ms. Lou Yanxia,;Ms. Ding Cuiying; Ms. Wu Shunzi, 83; Ms. Lu, in her 60s; Ms. Wang Xiuling; Ms. Liu Mingxia and her family; Zhang (gender unknown); and Guo (gender unknown), around 70.

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