Mongolia: Falun Dafa Attracts Young People at Ulaanbaatar Health Fair


( Falun Dafa practitioners in Mongolia participated in an annual health fair held at the Blue Sky Hotel and Tower, a luxury, five-star hotel in Ulaanbaatar, on June 19, 2022. This was the first time practitioners had been invited to the fair. They introduced Falun Dafa and told people how wonderful it is.

The health fair was very well attended. Some people wanted to find healing solutions, while others were interested in learning about different cultivation methods.

Many young people were attracted by the Falun Dafa exercise demonstration. They surrounded the practitioners’ booth and expressed an interest in learning more about Falun Dafa. Some learned the exercises while they were there.


Practitioners introduce Falun Dafa and raise awareness about the ongoing persecution in China.
Middle school students learn a lot about Falun Dafa.


A new practitioner, who has been practicing Falun Dafa for just a month, participated in the health fair.


Mongolian Falun Dafa practitioners at the Ulaanbaatar health fair on June 19.
The Falun Dafa booth.