(Minghui.org) Because I lost my job due to the persecution of Falun Dafa, I found a part-time job as a home aide.

I was introduced to a patient, Xin, in late 2019. He was only in his 40s. Because he was addicted to alcohol, his wife divorced him and left with their three-year-old son. Dealt a heavy blow by it, his drinking problem grew even worse. The alcohol caused ascites in him. His limbs shook involuntarily and he was unable to sit up by himself. He also had generalised pain and had to be massaged every day.

At night, the physical discomfort prevented him from sleeping. He was either rolling in bed or called me to help him sit up. I almost couldn’t get any sleep if I was on the night shift.

Although he offered good pay for his aides, the job was too exhausting that most people couldn’t take it. In six months, he went through over 30 aides, but couldn’t keep any of them.

During my shift, I clarified the facts about Falun Dafa to him. I told him that I have been practicing Dafa for over 20 years. Many of my ailments, such as heart condition, rheumatism and insomnia, disappeared only a month after I took up the practice. For many people who don’t practice it, they have also benefited by reciting the auspicious phrases “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good.” Xin seemed to be interested. Before I finished talking, he began to recite the phrases.

Later, I played Master’s lecture audios to him. Although he couldn’t concentrate due to the pain and wouldn’t listen for too long, I found opportunities to play it again when his emotion was stable.

I told him stories of Dafa practitioners recovering from ascites and gave him three amulet cards, two for his parents and one for his son. I also found one that he could wear like a necklace. I tried to teach him the exercises, but he didn’t have the patience to learn. He just watched me doing the exercises a few times.

It was Chinese New Years two days later. I bought some fruits and nuts for him. He gave me 200 yuan as a bonus. I kindly turned it down. “I’m a Falun Dafa practitioner. Our Master taught us to be considerate. You are already spending a lot of money every day. You don’t need to give me the extra bonus.” He hesitated for a moment and took the money back.

I later learned that the other aide asked for 1,000 yuan from him for working on New Year’s day, with the excuse that the pay on a holiday should be three times the regular salary. He gave it to her, but later regretted it, feeling that he was being ripped off. He threatened to call the police. The other aide became scared and returned 500 yuan to him.

After working five shifts, I was fired by Xin, as he suddenly became very angry for some unknown reason.

A month later, I received a call from him. “Come to help me please. I’m all by myself now.”

“Where is the other aide?”

“Her husband had a car accident. She left to care for her husband.”

I immediately went to his place. To my surprise, he had gained much weight and his complexion was rather rosy.

Seeing how astonished I was, he showed me the amulet on his neck. He patted his belly. “See, the fluid is gone. I’m having strength in my hands now and I can also stand up by myself.”

He told me that he began to wear the amulet shortly after he fired me. Since then, his condition had begun to improve. He went on to say that he had been reciting the auspicious phrases every day and doing some Falun Dafa exercise movements that he remembered from watching me.

“I was really touched that you didn’t take the 200 yuan I gave you. I realised that Falun Dafa practitioners are really good people. I’m sorry that I let you go. I’m calling you back today, hoping to compensate you somehow.” he said to me.

I further clarified the facts about Dafa to him and how it is being persecuted by the communist regime. I offered to teach him more exercise movements, but he said he wasn’t ready to learn it yet.