(Minghui.org) Between July 1999 and 2013, the Kunming City Intermediate Court in Yunnan Province, when serving as a court of First Instance, sentenced 75 local Falun Gong practitioners to prison simply for their faith. Four of the practitioners were sentenced twice during the period. The oldest practitioners convicted were in their 80s and the longest prison term was 7 years.

The prison sentences have resulted in the deaths of Ms. Wang Lianzhi, 73, and Ms. Shi Xizhi, in her 60s. Both women were injected with nerve-damaging drugs and shocked with electric batons while serving time at Yunnan Province Second Women’s Prison. Ms. Guo Ling, a polio patient, was put in prison twice for a total of 11 years. Her pelvis was permanently damaged because of the tortures in prison.

The following are the details of the twelve judges of Kunming City Intermediate Court, including three females, and their crimes in sentencing the practitioners. In most cases, multiple judges were involved in sentencing the same practitioner.


1. Yang Xiaoping