Why Did Plagues Bypass Certain People?

(Minghui.org) There have been many plagues throughout human history. A closer look at these plagues shows that they were out of people’s control and just came and went without any explanation. But there were always some who, seemingly miraculously, survived.

Here are some examples.


Risking One’s Own Life to Do Good

Mai You Ji, a collection of short stories from the Qing Dynasty, documented a plague so devastating that entire families were wiped out, and anyone who got close to the infected would die, too.

There was a scholar named Wang Yuxi. His teacher Chen Junshan and four of his family members all died of the plague one night. Their relatives and neighbors were too scared to deal with the dead.

Out of respect for his teacher and sympathy for the family, Wang went into the home to clean things up and bury the dead. He found a baby still alive and found a doctor to treat the infant.

Despite his close contact with the diseased, Wang remained healthy. People who knew this said he had been blessed by the divine for his kindness and good deed.


A Chaste Widow

A plague struck the Hangzhou area (in today’s Zhejiang Province) in 1835. So many people died that there were no more coffins to bury them in.

The son of a man named Jin died young, and his widow had remained celibate for over 30 years. On New Year’s Eve, Jin overheard someone walking by his house say, “There is a virtuous widow in this household.” When Jin opened the door the next morning, he saw a large red circle on the door. Thinking it was a child’s scribble, he ignored it.

The epidemic got worse that summer. People in every family in the neighborhood died—except in Jin’s. By then, Jin realised the red circle was a mark made by deities to protect his family.

His daughter-in-law’s virtue not only garnered the respect of the villagers but also blessings from the divine.


Good Deeds Benefit Later Generations

Feng Shixing was an official in the Song Dynasty. When he was a young man, he ran into a group of strange-looking people on New Year’s Day. Out of curiosity, he asked who they were.

“We are plague ghosts who will spread disease at the beginning of the New Year,” one of them replied.

“What about my family?” Feng asked.

“Starting with your grandfather, three generations in your family have been virtuous people—doing good deeds and stopping wrongdoings. So your family will be fine,” replied the ghost.

A plague did break out later and, in that area, only in the Feng family were there no deaths.


The Present Day

Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seized power in 1949, it has caused more than 80 million unnatural deaths due to its political movements, including the ongoing persecution of Falun Gong, a mind-body practice based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

According to traditional Chinese culture, when the rulers of a country do bad things, disasters, including plagues, might befall them and their followers. To stay safe in the face of impending disasters, breaking free from the CCP would seem to make a great deal of sense.

By listening to our conscience and not compromising our principles, we will once again be blessed with health, safety, and happiness.