A Way to Stay Safe in the Pandemic Era

(Minghui.org) Human life and health are precious. How to protect them can be a major challenge, especially during the pandemic. Here we would like to offer some tips.


Lurking Danger

The coronavirus is currently spreading worldwide and threatening humanity. It did not take long to go from the South African (Beta) variant to the Indian (Delta) variant and other mutations. Experts believe that the virus is still a major threat and that regional remissions could be temporary. It is possible that a major outbreak could occur at any time, with new variants constantly emerging that may be more infectious and deadly than we can handle.

The most common response is vaccination. This can consist of a single dose or two doses, and now people are considering a third or even fourth dose. But the vaccines have not prevented their recipients from being infected or infecting others.

In addition, there are many adverse reactions, which are often unreported by the media. While it was a medical achievement to develop such vaccines in such a short period of time, their effectiveness is limited and we should not treat them as the only hope.


Cause and Effect

Since ancient times, many people have believed that the outbreak of plagues is not accidental. Very often, the plagues are associated with moral degeneration. In particular, they happened when people’s karma reached a critical point.

China has a long history with a great civilization. It includes Taoism’s truthfulness, Buddhism’s kindness, as well as Confucianism’s benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and faith. But these values were suppressed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and replaced by Marxist-Leninist communist theory, resulting in a chaotic society with no faith and moral compass.

As the communist doctrine permeates the globe, almost all countries are affected one way or another. Following the collapse of the Soviet Communist Party, the CCP became the leader of communism, which helps to explain why the pandemic originated in Wuhan, China.


The Immune System of Body and Mind

Similar to how we deal with other infectious diseases, one way of preventing coronavirus is boosting one’s immune system. The connection between the body and the mind tells us that we should not only focus on physical health but also moral values.

Huangdi Neijing (Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine), one of the best-known Chinese medicine books, writes, “With righteousness inside, evil substances are unable to interfere.” That is, maintaining wellness comes from upholding virtue, and upright people are blessed.

It is often said that “a righteous mind will subdue all evil.” It also means that there is an intrinsic correlation between mental activity and health, that is, a connection between the human mind and immunity. A body full of righteous energy will ward off any chaotic negative energy, including viruses.

It follows that being a good person is key to improving one’s immunity. So, what criteria should one meet to be a truly good person? How can one carry it out in practice? This requires one to stand on the basis of traditional culture and improve one’s ability to distinguish good from bad and kind from evil.

In essence, being a good person is a prerequisite for protection by the divine. In traditionulture, it is described as “the divine cares for all living beings with virtue.”


Traditional Values

One example is Falun Dafa, a meditation system that embraces the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, which are also universal values that help people tell apart good from evil.

Despite its physical and spiritual benefits, Falun Dafa has been persecuted by the CCP since July 1999. Fortunately, many Chinese people have been able to see through the CCP’s lies and chosen to support innocent practitioners.

In fact, the phrase “Falun Dafa is good” can generate powerful positive energy. When one keeps these words in mind and recites them sincerely, the vibration frequency produced by one’s human cells resonates with the universe and will eliminate all negative organisms, including coronavirus, naturally keeping one fit and healthy.

This is a path to survival from catastrophe and elimination, a hope that should be greatly cherished. This is because when one sincerely wants to be good, he or she will be protected and blessed. Numerous examples prove this to be true.

Some people are deceived by the CCP’s appearances and hold out hope for the regime to reform itself. In fact, the regime had ruined traditional Chinese culture through various political campaigns, and it is now deceiving people in the name of “restoring” Chinese culture in order to advance its own agenda.

Daji, the daughter of Su Hu in the Shang Dynasty, was originally an ordinary woman who entered the imperial palace because of her beauty. But she was killed by a fox spirit, which replaced her soul and possessed her physical body.

In fact, the original beauty no longer existed, and what appeared to be her was actually the fox spirit, which eventually wrecked the dynasty. Similarly, no matter what the CCP claims or pretends to promote, its sole purpose is to strengthen its rule and push communist ideology.

The divine is watching and evaluating everyone’s deeds, as well as those of states and nations. As many people around the globe–including those in China–move to reject the CCP, some worry it is “political” to do so.

In fact, citizens should all enjoy the political rights and freedoms granted by their constitution. They have every reason to claim their lawful rights and withdraw from the CCP. By doing so, they are actually curbing corruption, administrative inefficiency, and a variety of chaos in China.

One thought makes all the difference. Good thoughts will bring blessings and evil thoughts misfortune. Even in the era of the pandemic, the divine protects good and virtuous people. Keeping in mind “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” would benefit everyone and for our society as a whole.