Taiwan: Elected Officials and Scholars Condemn Pro-CCP Attacks Against Falun Dafa in Hong Kong

A recent series of attacks was carried out against Falun Dafa information sites and The Epoch Times printing facility in Hong Kong. Taiwanese officials have condemned the perpetrators and believe that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is behind the attacks.


Former National Congress Representative: Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Is Righteous 

“These attacks are typical of collusion between tyranny and the mafia. It is hard to imagine that such barbaric attacks and harassment have taken place in Hong Kong, a place once proud of Asian civilisation and the rule of law. It really is heartbreaking,” said Huang Peng-hsiao, a former National Congress representative of Taiwan. “This also reflects the correctness and necessity of Falun Dafa’s principles, Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance.”

Mr. Huang pointed out that communism is the biggest evil organisation of mankind and the biggest gangster organisation today. He condemned the CCP’s violence and paid the highest respects to Falun Dafa and The Epoch Times. “Your efforts and initiatives have been echoed throughout the world,” he said.

Huang said that he has observed practitioners for many years and noted, “Falun Gong does not yield to evil forces, it adheres to its beliefs, and strives patiently and persistently to raise awareness of the evil nature of communism. This is really rare.” He believes that practitioners’ appeal is an international consensus.

Huang further stated that truth will prevail against evil. Christianity was persecuted in ancient Rome for three hundred years—the Christians did not give in and eventually Christianity became the state religion of Rome. He pointed out that if history is considered in perspective, Falun Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is the right path for mankind.


“The Final Victory Belongs to the Kind”

Huang said that the CCP often talks about the “92 Consensus.” Falun Dafa was introduced in 1992, and he believes that the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is the “New 1992 Consensus” that will create peace across the strait between Taiwan and China.

Huang believes that Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance can get rid of the CCP’s lies and empty talk. “What the CCP is most afraid of is practitioners’ perseverance and unyielding courage.” He said that the power of kind thoughts from everyone’s heart is what most frightens the CCP the most.

He feels that this is why the CCP has escalated its slander and attacks against Falun Dafa and The Epoch Times. He believes, “History will show that the final victory belongs to the kind.”

He concluded, “Evil cannot prevail over the righteous,” and said that this is the driving force for mankind’s progress. “The CCP is the cancer of mankind. If the CCP is not eliminated, it will bring disaster to the world—like the coronavirus pandemic.”


Legislator: Only Truth Can Stop the CCP Regime

Legislator Wang Ding-yu pointed out that the CCP is the biggest gangster in Hong Kong. The CCP pays thugs to commit crimes against and attack people it does not like. It is very difficult to rely on the police to find out the truth because, “Their boss is the CCP, which is the biggest gangster and murderer.”

He said with emotion, “Only the truth lets people understand the CCP’s nature. Based on the truth, democratic countries can unite to stop the evil CCP regime.”


Wang Ding-yu, a legislator for the Democratic Progressive Party


The CCP Is the Mastermind 

Mr. Tseng Chien-yuan, Chairman of the Board of the Directors of the Chinese Democracy Academy, thinks that the harassment of Falun Dafa in Hong Kong is part of a methodical destruction of democracy and freedom by the CCP since it implemented the National Security Law in Hong Kong. He said, “There is a high degree of political motivation behind it. So it cannot be regarded as a separate incident.”

He pointed out that after the implementation of the National Security Law, security began to be more tightly controlled by the Hong Kong government. But such violent attacks still occur. If no one is held accountable afterwards, it is reasonable to suspect that the CCP or pro-communist groups are behind the thugs who perpetrated the destruction.


Tseng Chien-yuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese Democracy Academy


Legislator Chao said, “The thugs have attacked so many times and are not caught. People wonder whether there is a difference in public security in Hong Kong, or whether this was done at the instigation of the CCP. I think this is really a very big crisis for Hong Kong, which has such a free finance and enjoyed a certain degree of democracy and freedom in the past.”


Legislator Chao Tian-lin of the Democratic Progressive Party


Legislator Chiu Hsian-chi said, “Is this violence state sanctioned? Is there a government factor involved? Why can’t the assailants be found? This is a great violation of freedom of the press and personal freedom. It will also have a chilling effect on these freedoms.” He believed that such behavior is very inappropriate and must be addressed.


Legislator Chiu Hsian-chi


The CCP Persecutes Falun Dafa and Fears the Truth

Chen Yi-chi, Chairman of the Taiwan State Building Party, said that the Chinese people would not accept it if they knew the CCP conducts state-sanctioned organ harvesting as part of its brutal persecution of Falun Dafa. He feels that most Chinese are kind, but are misled and deceived.

Six Falun Gong information sites in Hong Kong were attacked at least ten times from April 2-10 by pro-CCP assailants. Display boards and banners were damaged. Chen pointed out that he feels the assailants belong to two kinds of people: one group is brainwashed and the other is acting out of self-interest. Otherwise, why would they carry out these human rights violations?


Chen Yi-chi, Chairman of the Taiwan State Building Party


Scholar: Admires Falun Dafa Practitioners

Professor Liang Wen-tao of the Department of Political Science at the National Cheng Kung University condemned the CCP’s underhanded tactics and said, “These wrong deeds are the tacit connivance of the Hong Kong government. They must be masterminded by the CCP. Of course, they must be condemned!” Professor Liang was born in Hong Kong, has permanent Hong Kong resident status and holds Republic of China citizenship.

Professor Liang stated that the CCP has used every means to purge and suppress voices of opposition. The CCP now controls Hong Kong, and the rule of law in Hong Kong no longer exists.

Liang said he admired practitioners’ efforts, and added that Taiwan must be safeguarded so it won’t become the next Hong Kong.


Practitioners fearlessly raise awareness on Hong Kong’s streets.


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