Shanghai Police Forcibly Collect Blood Samples and Biometrics from Falun Gong Practitioners

Police in Pudongxin District, Shanghai have been collecting Falun Gong practitioners’ blood samples and biometrics in recent weeks.

One officer revealed that they received the order from above two months ago. Some practitioners were forced to report to the police after being pressured by their families. For those practitioners who refused to report to their local police stations, officers went to their homes or took them to the police stations to collect their blood samples and other information.

It has been confirmed by that at least ten practitioners have had their blood drawn. In addition to collecting their photos, fingerprints and palmprints, the police also recorded their voices, handwriting and heights.

While collecting blood samples from Ms. Shen Fang, 70, on August 2, 2020, one officer said it was a “national policy,” and another officer said, “We just won’t follow the law and we are going to eliminate you all!”

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is an ancient spiritual and meditation discipline. It has been persecuted by the Chinese communist regime since 1999. In addition to relentless torture and long prison terms, many practitioners have been killed for organs by the authorities to fuel the lucrative transplant industry in China.

Some suspect that the recent collection of biometrics and blood samples from the practitioners is for the authorities to establish a massive DNA and organ matching database, as well as to enhance the surveillance of practitioners through the extensive monitoring network in China.

Below is an account provided by Ms. Wang Zhiliang, 72, who had her blood drawn on August 7, 2020.


A woman claiming to be a residential committee staff member knocked on Ms. Wang’s door around 10 a.m. on August 7. She first asked whether Ms. Wang needed to have a physical examination. After Ms. Wang said no, she demanded to see Ms. Wang’s household registration and said they were conducting a census.

Ms. Wang opened the door to let the woman in, only to have four male officers rush in. Her daughter was terrified and locked herself in her room.

Without showing any documentation or their police IDs, the officers held Ms. Wang’s arms and took her to a police car.

Officer Gu Xujun attempted to take Ms. Wang’s photo with his cell phone while in the police car. Ms. Wang covered her face, and Gu put back his cell phone.

Upon arriving at the Gaoxing Police Station, Ms. Wang was taken to an interrogation room. An officer asked for her home address and phone number. Ms. Wang didn’t answer. Then they forcibly took photos of her, both from the front and side. The officers also recorded her height, weight, shoe size, fingerprints and palmprints before collecting her blood sample.

This incident left Ms. Wang and her family traumatised. Her neighbors who witnessed her being taken away by the police also became scared of her. They turned away and avoided talking to her when they saw her in the hallway.


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