Perspective: Chinese Communist Party’s Disregard for Human Life Revealed in One Catastrophe after Another

While the CCP virus (the novel coronavirus named after the Chinese Communist Party) is still ravaging China, 26 Chinese provinces are being hit by severe flooding.

In a month of the ongoing flooding, there has been very little action or response from the Chinese communist government or reports by the state controlled media.

Some netizens asked on social media:

  • “How can the mainstream media be collectively muffled while over ten million people are suffering?
  • Why do the media keep focusing on news of the United States rather than reporting on the domestic flooding?
  • Who is the central TV station serving?”

So far the only governmental assistance was the allocation of 150 million yuan to three provinces, which is about 0.5 to 2 yuan per capita in those regions and not even amounting to the cost of a single meal. The CCP propaganda has been using the pandemic as an excuse for not providing more rescue and emergency resources to combat the flood.

In early June, the Chinese government suspended debt repayment from 77 countries. According to the Global Times, China has loaned over six trillion yuan in the recent four years to developing countries in Africa. This figure is forty thousand times the money allotted to combat flooding.

Every level of government in China has a plaque hanging on their headquarter building that says “People’s Government.” However, such plaques are merely a disguise, and they are truly the CCP’s government that only serves the Party’s interests. History has made this abundantly clear for all of us.

A Forgotten Dam Failure 45 Years Ago

A TV program by the Discovery channel in 2005 revealed a list of man-made disasters. At the top of the list was not the Chernobyl nuclear accident, rather it was the Banqiao Dam failure in 1975 that was rarely known to Chinese people.

According to Discovery, the Banqiao Dam in Henan Province collapsed due to heavy rain on August 8, 1975, flooding nine counties of an area 150 kilometers by 75 kilometers. Over 100,000 floating corpses were collected and another 140,000 died from the famine and plague that followed the flood.

At the time when the dam needed an emergency discharge, the local authorities telephoned their superior for permission but did not get a response. As disclosed by Ji Pomin, son of the then vice prime minister Ji Dengkui, when a local official called Deng Xiaoping (then Chief of the General Staff of the People’s Liberation Army) and reported the urgent status, Deng’s family told the official that he had gone to sleep. They said that he wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t be woken up.

But Ji later found out Deng wasn’t sick or sleeping at that time. Instead, he was playing mahjong with others at the residence of Wan Li, another top CCP official, that night. Deng played until five o’clock the next morning.

After repeated urgent calls for permission for flood discharge went unanswered, the disaster finally came and the dam collapsed.

In addition to the unnecessary delay in the flood discharge, the dam had inherent flaws. The Banqiao Dam was one of the many that were constructed in the early 1950’s as a product of the Great Leap Forward movement.

The dam was constructed in a rush with little quality control and lacked regular maintenance in the years after it was built. In times of urgent need, only five out of a total of 17 floodgates were able to lift properly and the rest were all rusted shut.

News of such a man-made disaster was suppressed by the CCP authorities. No memorial monument was built in the name of the perished. Instead, the government built one to praise and commemorate the feat of the CCP combating the flood.

Rescue That Came 72 Hours after Wenchuan Earthquake

A deadly earthquake took place on May 12, 2008, in Wenchuan County of Sichuan Province. While many people were watching closely the development of the situation, only 1,000 bare-handed soldiers arrived 42 hours later to rescue over a hundred thousand people who were buried under rubble.

Even toward the end of the most precious 72-hour period post earthquake, the total number of troops in the epicentre region was less than 10,000. In most instances, a minimum of three people are required on average to pull one out of the rubble.

About 79 hours after the earthquake, the military’s engineering troops finally began to repair and restore the roads leading into Wenchuan County. Most of those buried had already died by then, 34 out of 58 affected towns did not get any rescue personnel.

Just like what had happened in previous disasters, the CCP ordered all media in China to praise the government for days after the earthquake. The deaths of over a hundred thousand Chinese people were somehow turned into another episode of glorifying the CCP’s governance.

The CCP’s Nature and Chinese People’s Way Out

The CCP has never taken any responsibility for the man-made or natural disasters under its rule. They are very clear that if someone admits any wrongdoing, the CCP’s perfect image would be blemished and their control would be breached.

What is the fundamental nature of the CCP? The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party has revealed it to us.

“The Communist Party does not hold universal standards for human nature. The concepts of good and evil, as well as all laws and rules, are arbitrarily manipulated. Communists do not allow murder, except for those categorised as enemies by the Communist Party. Filial piety is welcomed, except for those parents deemed class enemies. Benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and faithfulness are all good, but not applicable when the Party is not willing or doesn’t want to consider these traditional virtues. The Communist Party completely overthrows the universal standards for human nature, and builds itself on principles that oppose human nature.”

“The Chinese traditionally believe in the unity of heaven and human beings. Laozi said in Dao De Jing (Tao-Te Ching), “Man follows the earth, the earth follows heaven, heaven follows the Dao, and the Dao follows what is natural. Human beings and nature exist within a harmonious relationship in the continuous cosmos. The communist party is a kind of being. However, it opposes nature, heaven, earth and mankind. It is an evil spectre against the universe.”

“The Communist movement was then introduced to China as an experiment, and the CCP has set itself above all, conquering all in its path, thereby bringing endless catastrophe to China.”

“To eliminate from our lives the iniquitous doctrines instilled by the CCP, to discern the CCP’s utterly unscrupulous nature, and to restore our human nature and conscience— this is the first and essential step on the path toward a smooth transition to a society free from the Communist Party.”

“Even though the CCP appears to possess all the resources and violent apparatus in the country, if every citizen believes in the power of the truth and safeguards morality, the evil specter of the CCP will lose the foundation for its existence. All resources may instantly return to the hands of the just. That is when the rebirth of China will take place.”