How I Obtained Falun Dafa in Prison

I am a 53-year-old woman. Before I began practicing Falun Dafa, I was lost in the world and was indulging in all kinds of desires.

Eventually, I was sentenced to three years in prison as I did many bad things to make money. 

Fortunately, in prison I met some Falun Dafa practitioners who changed my fate.

Obtaining Dafa in Prison

I met a Dafa practitioner who was on a hunger strike and being persecuted when I was detained in a detention centre. 

At first, I didn’t quite understand her behavior. Later, however, after I saw that she always did “…not fight back when being punched or insulted…” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun), when she was subjected to various kinds of bullying, insulting, being force-fed, pinched, and being beaten by inmates, I understood.

Her firm belief in Dafa deeply shocked me. She remained firm and peaceful and did not complain or show any hatred in the face of injustice and cruel persecution. 

“Where does this immense power come from,” I thought. “What kind of life does she have? What is the strong belief behind her?” I was in awe of Falun Dafa and she earned my trust and respect. 

Then, I met more practitioners after I was taken to prison. They kept clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa, and I gradually came to understand the greatness, and beauty of Dafa. 

Soon I was fortunate to have access to Master Li’s (the founder) recent lectures that were handwritten by practitioners in prison. I understood the value of Dafa when I read Master’s recent articles.

I memorised “On Dafa,” and some other recent articles by Master, as well as some poems from Hong Yin. I recited, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” every day.

These phrases filled my body and mind with tremendous energy. 

Before starting forced labor every day, I recited On Dafa several times. Dafa’s boundless compassion empowered me to walk through all the harassment and the brutally harsh prison environment.

I came to realise the evilness of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after I read the truth-clarification letters written by practitioners in prison, and I learned more facts about the persecution of Dafa.

Some practitioners lost their lives, and even the organs of these good people were harvested. I was filled with indignation. They were arrested and sentenced to imprisonment only because of their faith. 

At the same time, I admired Dafa practitioners’ righteous thoughts and actions, and their actions deeply moved me. I regarded myself as a practitioner when released from prison. 

Doing the Three Things Well

After I left prison in 2018, I immediately contacted and visited the practitioner I had previously met in prison. I learned the five Falun Dafa exercises from her and was given the Dafa books.

I read Zhuan Falun many times, and studied all books that Master had published

As I continued to study the Fa, I felt more and more the greatness of Dafa, understood the broad and profound principles of Dafa.

Through studying the Fa, and reading the Minghui Weekly, I realised that to be a true Dafa practitioner, I must do the three things well. Thus, I clarified the facts about Dafa, and distributed Dafa informational materials.

When I first read the articles in the Minghui periodicals, I thought, “Those articles were so nice. I would like to distribute them to people, and let them understand what Falun Dafa is.” I also wanted them to hear about the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

I began distributing informational materials about Falun Dafa by putting them on the door handles of cars. Then, I hung or posted them on the doors of individual apartments in residential buildings. Sometimes I also delivered them to the stores in business centres. 

When I met someone who appeared to be of bad health, I told him or her to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” and that they would greatly benefit from reciting the phrases.

I was scared and had many negative and bad thoughts when I first started to distribute Dafa materials, or when I clarified the truth. Then, I thought, “What am I afraid of? I shouldn’t be afraid of anything because I am doing the most righteous thing, and I have the protection of Master. Besides, Master often encourages and enlightens me.”

My attachment to fear gradually subsided after I studied the Fa, and sent more righteous thoughts. I looked inward whenever there was interference. The interference would disappear after I looked inside, and I improved my xinxing.

When I distribute the Dafa materials, I hold them in my hands and think, “I sincerely hope that all sentient beings who will get these truth-clarification materials will read them carefully, and pass them on to others”

When I hang the beautifully packaged truth-clarification materials on the doors of the residents, I saw the phrases “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is Good,” gleaming and shining like pearls.

Besides, I saw with my third eye an evil life in a black cloak who was blocked from entering the apartment when it saw the materials.

Encountering Danger

I encountered several dangerous situations when distributing the truth-clarification materials, but I escaped from the crisis with the protection of Master Li.

Once when I delivered the materials door-to-door and was about to walk into the next house, I saw a policeman come out, and then turn around and go back in. I knew that Master was telling me that a policeman lived in that house, so I did not enter.

Another time, I handed Dafa materials to a man and a woman walking along the road. The man said, “Is this what Xi Jinping [the head of China] asked you to hand out? If not, I will take you to the police station.” The woman asked if this was about Buddhism.” She said this while taking out her mobile phone to take pictures of me. 

“You will be blessed if you read it,” I said. “But, if you take me to a police station you will be punished for doing a bad deed; even your family can be affected.” They kept silent for a moment, and then said, “Don’t distribute it anymore,” and left.

Experiencing the Power of Dafa

I often recite “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” on my way to and from work, at work, and in my spare time. 

I feel these words are moving through my bloodstream, and my whole body is filled with these phrases. 

I saw many wonderful scenes in other dimensions as well, and these Chinese characters sometimes became very large in the sky, and at other times a lotus leaf was under each word. Then, at other times, the phrases manifested as a very beautiful yellow dragon boat, with the dragon head and the dragon tail radiating light. 

The eyes of the dragon blinked, and the words “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” were arranged longitudinally on the middle red sail. Two silver dragons with transparent bodies were on both sides of the boat, and sometimes the silver dragons stood upright or hovered in the sky. The scenes were incredible.

Grateful for the Opportunity to Practice Dafa

Whenever I slacked off, I would think I don’t deserve the salvation that Master offers me as Master gave me a new life. I was reborn and embarked on a path to return to my true self. 

I could feel Master had eliminated countless bad things from me, cleansed my body, eliminated my karma, and given me a lot of invaluable things. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to experience the beauty of cultivation, and the greatness of Dafa.

I obtained the Fa late, but I want to cultivate diligently, constantly improve myself, get rid of my attachments, clarified the truth about Dafa, and help awaken people’s conscience.

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