China: Once Loyal Party Members Are Quitting the Communist Party

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, many Chinese cities are quarantined, roads are blocked, and people’s movements are restricted. 

I’ve noticed, however, that more people are quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

This is significant in that, before the outbreak, more people quit just one of the Party’s youth organisations. (Most Chinese belong to one of the CCP’s affiliated organisations. Few meet the stringent requirements to be a full-fledged CCP member).

Of the first batch of 25 peoples’ names I submitted to the Quit the Party website, 8 belonged to affiliated organisations, and 17 were CCP members.

The second group of 17 people included 15 Party members. The third batch of 13 people included 9 Party members.

I realised that people who’d joined the Party and refused to quit before are now willing to.

I’d clarified the truth to them in the past, and they knew the CCP was corrupt, had committed a lot of crimes, and had even harvested organs from living Falun Dafa practitioners. They also knew that practitioners were good people.

One local official told me, “We know who is good and who is bad. You are one of the kindest and most honest people.” But they refused to quit the Party. They said that the Party was bad but it paid their salary.

The situation is changing. Last year, the Party couldn’t control the swine fever. This year, it’s the coronavirus. These die-hard Party members finally understand how fragile and short human life is.

Whatever your rank or title, whether you are a director of a hospital, an important researcher, a government official, or a police officer—anyone can die in a few days after being infected with the virus.

One retired Party secretary knew from his own experiences how bad the Party was. But he avoided me and refused to quit the Party. He said that the CCP still paid his pension and gave him an apartment.

We spoke a few days ago, and naturally we chatted about the epidemic.

I said, “The Party is totally corrupt. They persecute Falun Dafa practitioners and now look at what’s happening. You participated in the persecution. Don’t go down with the Party!”

He and his wife, who was also a veteran Party member, both agreed to quit the Party.

One of our work unit leaders used to avoid me whenever I tried to clarify the truth to her. I recently saw her. This time she listened and agreed to quit the Party.

One of my neighbors is a civil servant. He refused to talk to me and refused to accept or read the truth-clarification materials I offered him. I told his wife, “You and your husband are good people and I’m concerned about you.” I gave her the information on how to circumvent the internet firewall so they could read news from outside of China.

A few days ago the husband waved at me. Perhaps he’d read uncensored news and knew more facts. This time when I invited him to quit the Party, he readily agreed. He said, “Now I understand the facts!”

One of our work unit’s retired leaders also quit the Party recently.

It’s been my experience that more and more people are realizing Falun Dafa is here to save people.

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