CCP Publishes New Book to Praise Itself for Its Handling of the Coronavirus Epidemic

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been taking every opportunity to praise itself for its “supreme leadership” in China, whether it is celebrating its great “victory” in fighting natural disasters, or showcasing its tremendous “success” in handling catastrophes of its own making.

Now, with the deadly coronavirus epidemic still running rampant around the world, the CCP is praising its “great leadership” in the newly published book, “A Battle Against the Epidemic: China Combating Covid-19 in 2020.”

In the lengthy book put together by the Propaganda Department and State Council Information Office, it celebrates how the CCP, under Xi Jinping’s “heroic” leadership, effectively controlled and managed the spread of the epidemic. Translated versions of the book in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic will be made available in the near future.

Fanggang, an author trapped in Wuhan, wrote the following in her “Lockdown Diary,” “Wuhan is now the centre of a disaster. What is a disaster?

It isn’t to ask you to wear a mask, lock you at home for days, or ask you to show a pass entering or leaving your subdivision.

“Disaster is that the number of death certificates issued in a few days now is about the same as that issued in several months in the past; disaster is that a funeral van which used to transport just one body in a casket is now loaded with bodies put in body bags; and disaster isn’t that one person in a family dies, but the entire family dies in a few days or weeks.”

Chinese version available