Wollongong: Falun Dafa Enjoys Warm Welcome in 2019 Spring into Corrimal

Local Falun Dafa Practitioners, once again participated in the 2019 Spring into Corrimal community event, held on the 8th September.

As soon as Spring hits the Southerm Hemisphere, in Corrimal, a local suburb of the Greater Area of Wollongong, puts on the largest community event in NSW regional area.

The community event usually attracts in excess of 60,000 visitors each year. People from all walks of life attends the event and this year Falun Dafa stall also saw many visitors.

The Falun Dafa stall provided information pamphlets on the practice that people could take away with them.

Practitioners were on hand to talk and discuss with visitors about the practice and answer any questions that were asked.

Visitors could also support in stopping the persecution of Falun Dafa at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) via a petition that was made available.

This year saw the return of Chinese Calligraphy where visitors could request their name written in Chinese Calligraphy to take away with them. This is very popular item for visitors to the stall.

Chinese calligraphy in action.

The Petals of Peace (https://www.petalsofpeace.org/) project/initiative was again on hands for visitors who could learn how to fold a lotus flower.

Petals of Peace story invites all people of all ages to fold a lotus flower as a gesture of peace and friendship for children less fortunate.

Visitors watching and learning how to fold a lotus flower.

The day was a beautiful spring day which saw the sun shining and weather warming. Next year Falun Dafa will undoubtedly return to enjoy bringing and introducing Falun Dafa to the community.