Money Management Scams are a Type of Financial Persecution

Many practitioners were scammed and incurred financial losses when they participated in money management or investment strategies. The Minghui website has published articles about these fraudulent schemes but some practitioners still participated.

Life is difficult for most Chinese people. No matter how hard farmers work they make little money or even lose money if market prices drop.

Many privately-owned factories make a small profit, but in order to remain open are expected to pay bribes to various government officials. This year, the Chinese Communist Party forced many factories to close and many workers lost their jobs.

Under such harsh economic conditions the scams which are promoted as “easy money” and “getting rich fast” appear attractive. Many new investment strategies, money management companies, direct sales, and online investment platforms have been created. They often offer high returns and use slogans like, “Make money with brains instead of hard labor,” and “Get rich overnight,” etc.

Millions of Chinese people, including practitioners, have invested in these schemes, which often start with a high rate of return to entice one to invest more. Many of these investors lost all their money in the end.

These fraudulent schemes have some things in common. First, they all appear to be officially backed by certain levels of government or a large enterprise.

Second, they offer high returns in a short period of time. The initial investors often receive good returns so they quickly invest more money.

The government and police are very aware of these schemes but they don’t shut them down.

For example, one online finance platform has absorbed about 50 billion yuan ($7.6 billion) in funds, with about 900,000 investors involved. It’s advertising has aired repeatedly on CCTV, and the firm has been praised by many provincial governments.

As practitioners, if we do our jobs well, we can make a living. It doesn’t matter whether we are farmers or do other jobs. If we conduct ourselves according to the Fa and do the three things well, Master will arrange the best for us.

However, if practitioners become greedy with the desire to get rich quickly, the old forces will see the attachment and lead them to these scams. The old forces want to make you deviate from the principles of the practice and lead you away from cultivation.

This is actually a form of financial persecution. But many practitioners are not aware of it and refuse to listen to fellow practitioners.

Here are some examples of this financial persecution:

One practitioner ran a business well and made money. He had ordinary friends who engaged in speculation. He was gradually enticed to the “easy money,” and sold his business. He made some money in the beginning but when the bubble burst he lost everything.

Another practitioner worked as a truck driver and made good money. One of his relatives managed a finance company. He trusted this relative not to scam him, so he invested 100,000 yuan. His investment soon swelled to 700,000 yuan. However, the scam was closed by the government and his money was confiscated.

Another practitioner invested a few months’ salary in an online finance platform. She received some interest payments early-on which encouraged her to invest an additional 50,000 yuan. However, when she needed to use the money, she was not able to even withdraw her principle.

One of my friends (not a practitioner) is a businessman who has many classmates and is friends with many government officials. He invested in a foreign exchange plan and received some good returns. Later, a classmate who works at a police station advised him to immediately withdraw his money. Soon after he withdrew the money, the plan was closed by the government.

Fellow practitioners, please do not get taken in due to greed. The old forces are watching closely and your attachment may give them an excuse to drag you down. Cultivation is very serious.

I suggest that practitioners who have invested in these kinds of financial plans withdraw all your investments immediately. Even if you are not allowed to withdraw, you should cut your losses and sever ties.

This is my personal opinion. Please kindly correct me if you see anything inappropriate.