Falun Gong Practitioners Have No Enemies

The persecution of Falun Gong in China is both unprecedented and brutal. Those who don’t know the truth of the persecution are the real victims.

I was arrested in 2014. The police yelled at me and said that I would be sentenced to at least ten years in prison. I said right away, “No way. Only my master determines my journey of life. You cannot change it at all.”

I still felt uneasy when the inmates talked about indictment, sentencing, or imprisonment. I thought about how I should handle myself if I was brought to trial. Later I calmed down and looked inward to see whether I had any attachments to life and death, fame and personal interest, sentimentality, and so on. I eliminated those attachments and became more determined. I was no longer disturbed by the environment.

I once met with a lawyer and was moved by what he told me about the other inmates. He said calmly, “They are misled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda. They are victims.”

I was suddenly inspired and my thoughts of complaining vanished. I felt compassion and regret for the inmates because they were being deceived. I returned to my cell after I met with the lawyer. The other inmates then changed, becoming more caring and friendly towards me.

A few days later, a guard opened my cell and called my name. She said excitedly, “Go home now.” The director of the state security brigade waited for me outside the detention centre. When I refused to sign any guarantee statement, he said with a smile, “We knew you would be like that. You don’t need to go with us to the police station. You can go home with your family.”

In handling practitioners’ cases, fellow practitioners work with lawyers to stop unlawful trials. This gives those involved in the persecution a chance to understand the nature of the CCP.

Falun Gong practitioners have no enemies as no one deserves to be our enemy. My understanding is that if practitioners can be more selfless and without hatred, the fewer evil factors there will be that can be taken advantage of.