Two Fearless Women Display Falun Gong Information in China

In a small city in northeast China, two ladies go out every day with bags full of informational materials about Falun Gong. Although they are both almost 80 years old, they go to vegetable markets, bus stops, hospitals, country fairs, and even police stations to hand out brochures.

They have helped many people learn the facts, but they wanted to do more by using display boards.

Things did not go as well as they had hoped in the beginning. Their display boards often got damaged, and it was time-consuming to fix them. So they came up with a bold idea: They would guard them in person.


Their Compassion Earns Respect and Admiration

As soon as they put up their display boards, people quickly gathered around to read them. Several decided to quit the CCP after they learned the facts, and then told others to do the same.

Sometimes the women couldn’t find a proper place to hang the boards, so they just held them up. Their hands turned numb in the freezing cold, but they did not take any notice of it and kept telling people about Falun Gong and the atrocities committed by Jiang Zemin and his followers in the persecution.

They patiently answered all kinds of questions from those who gathered around, despite the cold forming frost on their eyebrows. Their heartfelt compassion touched everyone around them, and people repaid them with respect and admiration.


Stubborn Old Men Turn Around

In their city, there is a group of old men who always chat outside. The women tried a number of times to clarify the truth to them, but the men were very stubborn and refused to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

But when they held the display boards in front of them, the men came over and studied them attentively, apparently deep in thought. At last they understood the importance of quitting the CCP and truly appreciated the women’s kindness and good intentions. More than 10 of them quit the CCP and chose a bright future for themselves.


Fearless Women Turn the Police Away

Once, someone reported them to the police. When the police came, the women were unafraid. They walked right up to the police officers and asked, “Did you come to arrest us?” The police were at a loss on what to do and said timidly, “No, no, we aren’t going to arrest you.”

Then the women started to clarify the facts to them and even helped them quit the CCP. They said to the police, “You’ve done the right thing for you and your family. You will be rewarded for being kind to Dafa practitioners. Please do not follow Jiang Zemin and do not persecute good people any more.” The police nodded as they drove away.

With firm faith and righteous thoughts, these two fearless women move from one place to another with their display boards, helping more and more people learn the truth.

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