China Consule “Admits” Inciting NY Attacks

The State Department is considering expelling New York’s Chinese consul general
after the official was allegedly caught on tape saying he helped incite violent
attacks in Queens against the Falun Gong spiritual group.

Consul General Peng Keyu was recorded claiming he secretly “encouraged”
protests against the group during four days of clashes this spring, including
a bloody assault in Flushing by anti-Falun Gong demonstrators on May 20 that
led to 16 arrests, Falun Gong members said.

The next day, a Falun Gong investigator posing as a sympathizer called Peng
and asked him about the protesters, they said.

“I have kept a very good relationship with them…but we encouraged them
secretly,” Peng says on the tape, a copy of which has been reviewed by
State Department officials and by The Post.

“After they fought with the Falun Gong, I shook hands with them one by
one and thanked them.”

He adds: “Yet I must not do things like that right in front of the Falun
Gong. I parked my car far from the scene because I must avoid being seen by
them. ”

Asked if he had given “guidance” to the protesters, he says, “Yes,
I have done it. I do it frequently; including this time, when I went out to
the scene…I have even agitated them.”

A State Department official confirmed that the voice on the tape is Peng’s.
A transcript of the interview was published in The Epoch Times, a Falun Gong
newspaper, and its translation was verified by The Post.
State Department officials said pulling Peng’s credentials was an option, although
they haven’t made any decision on the matter.

“We’ve taken no action so far,” said a State Department spokeswoman.

Posting date: 2/Oct/2008
Original article date: 14/Sep/2008
Category: Media Report



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