A Tragedy to be Repeated?

By Jin Zheng

In the summer of 1936, an Olympic Games of unprecedented grandeur was held
in Berlin, Germany, amidst the sly grins of the Nazis, with Adolf Hitler making
the opening speech. The flames of the relay torch, the first in the games’ history,
lit the sky throughout the Games, and in the end Germany was a proud winner
of the most gold medals. Three years later, Germany blitzed through Poland,
the Second World War broke out and the world was plunged into havoc.

This was a tragedy in the history of Olympic Games. In the 1930s, there was
no shortage of people with insight; the evil nature of the Nazis was apparent,
and there had been opposition to holding the Olympic Games in Berlin. The International
Olympic Committee even sent an investigatory team to Berlin in 1934.

At the time, the existence of Nazi atrocities was known despite the regime’s
rhetoric and denials. It was a combination of short-sightedness, bias, self-deception,
and numbness, rather than the Nazis’ deceitful tricks, that led the world’s
major nations to adopt appeasement policies. Acquiescence to the evil meant
collaboration with the wolf, and being bitten by the wolf was inevitable. So,
when the Second World War was over, the international community concluded that
safeguarding human rights is the cornerstone of world peace, and that the threat
tyranny poses to one area is a threat to all areas.

A review of the 20th century indicates that, compared to the Nazis, the communist
movement brought more horrendous crimes to humankind. The Nazis vanished as
the Second World War ended, but communism spread like a noxious weed. After
causing tens of millions of deaths, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the evil
communist movement’s last fortress, is using the Beijing Olympic Games to fight
for its survival and deceive the world. Time seems to be going back to the summer
of 1936.

The Nazis’ genocide, grisly as it was, is dwarfed by that of the CCP. Since
it took power in 1949, the CCP has launched a never-ending string of so-called
"political movements," which ultimately led to the untimely deaths
of 80 million Chinese people. The latest movement, the one against Falun Gong,
continues today. The tragedies that happened in Nazi concentration camps were
so horrifying that some people today cannot believe that they happened. But
they did happen. The CCP’s animal-like behavior today–making money through
harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, an evil deed never seen
on this planet–cries out for us to take concrete actions to stop it.

The biggest value of historical tragedies lies in their potential to help avoid
repetition. The forthcoming 2008 Beijing Olympic Games raises the important
question to the international community: to repeat the tragedy or to choose
a better future?

The tragedy of the Berlin Olympic Games should not be allowed to be repeated
in Beijing. The price for a recurrence could be higher. The world missed the
opportunity to try to stop the Nazi atrocities through resisting the Berlin
Olympic Games, but today has the historic opportunity of the Beijing Olympic
Games to try to stop the CCP from perpetuating its despotic policies. The CCP
focuses its time, energy, and money on persecuting Falun Gong, and the harm
and violence it brings are spreading in China and overseas. An end to the persecution
of Falun Gong will be a turning point for the overall situation in China. The
day CCP violence stops, China will begin a peaceful transformation, and the
scourge that the CCP has caused to the world will be absorbed and eliminated.

The world community includes more than just sovereign states and nations, more
than international organizations and groups such as the International Olympic
Committee. In fact, it is a community of every individual human being on Earth.
The conscience of the international community is first and foremost that of
each human being, and then that of various international organizations and governments.
To put it another way, when a president of a state or the chairman of the International
Olympic Committee makes a decision, a lot will be at stake. The only correct
way for him to judge the real value of that decision is to act out of compassion.

Thus, we suggest that the international community support the timeline set
by the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG) for the
CCP to stop its evil deeds. According to that timeline, the CCP must stop its
persecution of Falun Gong by August 8, 2007. If not, the CIPFG will begin to
mobilize the forces of justice in the world to reject the CCP, and to herald
the arrival of the Olympic Games to a China free of the CCP; to a China that
truly represents peace.

Posting date: 27/June/2007
Original article date: 27/June/2007
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