Hong Kong Falun Dafa Practitioner Ms. Zeng Aihua Sentenced to Three-year Prison Term – Her Relatives Also Persecuted

On February 12, 2007, the Pudong New District Court of the Chinese Communist
Party (CCP) in Shanghai illegally sentenced Hong Kong practitioner Ms. Zeng
Aihua, 58, to a 3-year prison term.

Due to the fear of Dafa practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts close
by, the Court changed the trial time 3 days ahead of the scheduled date. On that
day, Shanghai 610 Office personnel guarded themselves as if facing a
strong enemy. Several dozen policemen were placed every 2 meters from the Court
gate to the tribunal. Outside the Court there were many plain-clothes police
officers. In addition, some officers kept Dafa practitioners under house arrest,
or in police substations. The Court assigned the smallest room to the trial.
Zeng's family got audit admissions for only two people. A dozen other auditors
were possibly National Security spies.

Zeng Aihua was not allowed to wear her eyeglasses when she was escorted to
the tribunal by two policemen. This made her steps unstable and she was unable
to recognize her family members. After almost nine months of illegal detention
and torture, Ms. Zeng appeared much older but was still calm and spoke with a
clear mind.

Li Jianjun, Procurator at Pudong New District Procuratorate,
charged Zeng with “publicizing Falun Gong.” The so-called
“evidence” was 159 copies of DVDs with Falun Gong materials stolen
from Zeng's residence (detailed content was not disclosed), along with 69 DVDs
stolen from Long Xiuyun's residence and 19 DVDs from another practitioner's
home. Testimony from a neighbor named Gu Hongliang claimed that he saw Long
leaving Zeng's home with the materials.

None of the three witnesses showed up at the trial. It is known that Long
Xiuyun also suffered from severe torture. She has been illegally detained since
last June and no one has seen her. She is facing trial. Under such
circumstances, the so-called testimony lacks credibility. The CCP Court is aware
of this, so they revealed Zeng's archive to her defendant lawyer only three days
before the trial date, and did not allow the lawyer to discuss the case with
Zeng afterwards.

Ms. Zeng admitted that she made the DVDs, but denied that it was a crime. The
judge cut her off immediately and told her to tell if the evidence was true or
not. Zeng Aihua said, “I have been indifferent to life-and-death for a long
time. However, I have been a good law-abiding citizen. It is the country's
sadness that today I am standing here being tried. I hope every one of you can
show your conscience!”

Ms. Zeng's words touched everyone there. Then her lawyer tried to make an
innocent defense for her. But Judge Shi Yaohui hurriedly took out a pre-made
judgment statement and illegally sentenced her to a 3-year prison term at the
tribunal based on charges of “damaging the country's law enforcement
utilizing (slanderous words omitted).” The whole trial lasted merely an

Shanghai National Security and 610 Office staff were afraid the news of the
trial would be exposed. In order to block anyone from learning of it, they
tapped and recorded the lawyer's mobile phone beginning three days before the
trial, up to the day that this article was published (five days after). They
also interfered with his phone signals, thus making the media unable to
interview the lawyer. The home phone and mobile phone of Ms. Zeng's family
residence in Shanghai had been tapped secretly. After the trial, the authorities
deliberately made noises when tapping the phones, to remind her family of the
tapping. The wiretapping even involved her in-laws in Fujian Province.

Ms. Zeng's 70-year old husband, Xu Xuede, had been in a hospital for three
weeks. Due to severe arthritis he lost his ability to walk at all. He appeared
at the trial in a wheel-chair. The authorities called his hospital the same
afternoon of the illegal trial when they learned which hospital he was in,
ordering the hospital management to monitor his activities and report to them
even after he was discharged from the hospital. The hospital could not take such
pressure and discharged Xu the very next day. He has been left without medical
treatment and is suffering from unbearable pain day and night. The physical pain
along with the sadness of his wife's illegal sentence has made his life

The CCP National Security Bureau also reached overseas. Zeng Aihua's
daughter, an Australian citizen named Chen Muhan, had been appealing to
different people to save her mother. On February 11, the day before Ms. Zeng's
trial, a spy sneaked into Chen's residence in Sidney, unplugged the modem, the
router's network cable and power cord, and damaged the adapter. At present, it
is not known if the files in the computer have been duplicated. Several months
earlier, web spies hacked into Chen's email box and stole her letters appealing
for the release of her mom that had been sent to Hong Kong's chief executive,
Donald Tsang, and members of the legislature. Spies posing as Ms. Chen published
a letter titled “Chen Muhan: Please help save my Mother” on websites
such as Future China Forum. They also deviously changed the return email
address in the letter to that of the spies. The letter contains Ms. Zeng's ID
card number and personal information, including addresses and phone numbers in
Hong Kong and Sidney. The action of the spies violated the privacy rights of Ms.
Zeng and her family members. It raised a lot of attention after it was exposed
in Australia.

Zeng Aihua is a steadfast Dafa practitioner. During her nine months of
illegal detention, she refused to wear a prison uniform, never wrote a
guarantee statement promising to give up the practice of Falun Gong,
never signed any interrogation records, and never provided any information of
other Dafa practitioners to the authorities. Because of this she was subjected
to torture. Severely short-sighted, her eye glasses were taken away when she was
first sent to the detention center. She was forced to labor for long periods of
time and her eyesight deteriorated significantly. The detention center also
limited her ability to ask for help from her family for things such as clothes
and cash, which caused her life to be difficult due to a shortage of daily
necessities in the detention center. She went on a hunger strike to protest the
tortures but details of this are not known. Her case is now being appealed to
the Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court.

We hope that overseas practitioners can make phone calls to related agencies
and residents in Shanghai and take this opportunity to clarify the
of Dafa to them.

Pudong New District People's Court in Shanghai: 86-21-38794518, transfer to
staff in charge of criminal tribunal, or transfer to Judge Shi Yaohui at

Judge Shi Yaohui: 86-21-68541824

Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court: main number: 86-21-34254567

February 21, 2007

Posting date: 7/Mar/2007
Original article date: 7/Mar/2007
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