What Falun Gong Practitioners Do Is Resisting Persecution

By Lin Zhanxiang

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has killed tens of millions of innocent
Chinese people, and continues persecuting many innocent people, including a
large number of Falun Gong practitioners. Most Chinese people now know, more
or less, that the CCP is bad. Yet, when facing the illegal suppression, persecution,
torture, and even killing by the brutal CCP regime, how should people treat
and understand it? What should they do? This is a question of the human conscience
that all people need to ask themselves.

The CCP culture has confused the minds of the Chinese people. Furthermore,
many people have become slaves to the CCP’s distorted ways of thinking. On matters
of life and death, they unintentionally accept the ill positions of the CCP,
believing that "Killing is a reasonable solution" to solve problems.
Inadvertently, they have sided with the murderer.

There is justice in this world. For example, murderers are sentenced to prison
terms or death, and people who were wronged can air their grievances. When a
murderer is in the process of killing, the victim has the right to self-defense.
When treated unfairly, people can appeal and speak up. It is right for the public
to promote justice, support other good people, and protect morality. However,
the CCP’s suppressive education has erased from the hearts of the Chinese people,
these universally accepted principles.

The CCP kills the innocent at will, yet does not allow people to express their
dissatisfaction. It does not allow the innocent victims to speak up or ask for
justice. Instead, it uses the victims’ legitimate resistance as reason to further
persecute them. The CCP not only kills people’s flesh, but also uses its suppressive
education system to turn the Chinese people into slaves. The CCP is free to
slaughter its people, and it has deprived the people of the will and courage
to resist persecution and fight for justice. In addition, the CCP wants people
to be tools to help them justify the killings and to persuade the victims to
beg for forgiveness. Such long-term suppression has relinquished humanity and
conscience in many Chinese people. They are not able to tell good from evil,
and have inadvertently assisted in the evil-doings.

Since 1949, the CCP has widely and brutally attacked and persecuted those Chinese
people who have independent thinking and characters and refuse to be slaves.
In the last fifty-eight years, the CCP used various political movements to kill
a large number of Chinese people, destroyed countless families, and caused too
many tragedies to count. Out of the CCP’s scoundrel nature, it uses the label
"involved in politics" on people at will in order to ban them from
exposing its evil. If people don’t comply, they are labeled as being "involved
in politics." The CCP uses the label of "politics" to kill, yet
it does not allow people to use their own political rights to protect their
personal rights and support justice.

Actually, "politics" is not a special privilege of the CCP. It is
just that the CCP has a monopoly on politics in China, and its politics is extremely
ill-intended and filthy. In fact, every citizen has political rights and can
use political means to protect their personal and collective welfare. This includes
people using political means to support justice, resist persecution, and protect
the underprivileged.

Being political itself is not a problem. Politics can be used to do good things
or bad things. The key is the intention behind it. The CCP uses the label of
"being political" to kill the innocent. On the other hand, people
can also use political means to resist the persecution.

Mahatma Gandhi used peaceful civil disobedience to fight for human rights.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. also used peaceful civil disobedience to combat
racial discrimination. They used "politics" to fight for justice.
Their means were legal and sensible. They have inspired people the world over
through their heroic actions.

Falun Gong has been brutally persecuted by the CCP for over seven years. More
than 3,000 people have been killed, and an unknown number have died from organ
harvesting when they were still alive. Falun Gong has an undisputed right to
fight the persecution, protect the practitioners’ own rights, and advocate justice.
As citizens of China, the practitioners have political rights that cannot be
taken away, including freedom of belief and freedom of expression.

If the persecution did not occur, there would be no need to resist it. Because
of the CCP’s persecution, Falun Gong practitioners’ resistance to the persecution
is legitimate and reasonable. They have adopted many ways to clarify the facts,
all of which are to resist the persecution. As practitioners of the principles
Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, they use only peaceful and rational means
in their approaches. Such peaceful and rational "political" means
to resist the persecution are just, reasonable, and legal.

To take it one step further, it is also not wrong if people truly wanted to
gain political power through legitimate political forms. In democratic countries,
every few years, there is a presidential election, in which most people participate
with passion. Isn’t this quite normal? On the other hand, Falun Gong practitioners
don’t have political pursuits themselves, because as cultivators they know that
the true meaning of life far surpasses political power in the human realm.

Every citizen has the right to participate in politics. When people are treated
unjustly, in order to resist the persecution they may use legitimate, upright
political means. If politics can help justice prevail, stop persecutions, and
enable people to know the truth, isn’t such politics beneficial to humanity?

On the issue of Falun Gong, the Chinese people need to break away from the
shackles the CCP put on their minds. They need to change the distorted view
that "it is wrong to be involved in politics" that the CCP implanted
in them.

The Chinese people need to stop being deceived and poisoned by the CCP. They
need to reject the CCP’s lies and listen to the truth told by Falun Gong practitioners.
They should stop repeating the CCP’s lies. Falun Gong teaches people to follow
Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance and be good. It is beneficial to the nation,
society and the people.

Posting date: 27/Feb/2007
Original article date: 27/Feb/2007
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