Falun Gong and the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular

By Ouyang Fei

(Clearwisdom.net) When thousands of Western audience members left the theater
after watching the Chinese New Year Spectacular, they had gained a new understanding
of ancient Chinese culture. It is marvelous that people can enjoy traditional
Chinese culture. This was truly something to be proud of, as the performance
we presented to the world showed the essence of our traditional Chinese culture.

Many people’s impression of China stops at the “made in China” cheap
merchandise. The NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular and its theme, “Myths
and Legends” allows audiences to touch the mystic veil of the past five
thousand years of Chinese culture and its culture of cultivation practice.

China means the Divine Land; our culture is passed down from heaven. Confucianism,
Buddhism and Taoism run through China’s history. It is particularly good for
Falun Gong practitioners to reveal Chinese traditional culture and the connotations
of cultivation. We all know that each work of literature or art contains elements
of the creator and performer, their life experiences and understanding of the
meaning of life. There is a big difference between atheists singing hymns compared
to practicing Christians, whose hymns contain their devotion and worship toward
God. Falun Gong practitioners interpret Chinese traditional culture through
their songs and dances, with their elevation through cultivation, and their
understanding of Truth and Compassion. They express traditional culture with
a deep reverence for Buddhas, Daos and Gods.

Falun Gong comes from China and it is traditional and exquisite. The principles
of Falun Gong, “Truth, Compassion, Forbearance,” benefit society enormously.
Cultivation is the essence of traditional culture and it has been widely spread
to the western world. It has entered western mainstream society, and attracted
countless westerners to cultivate and to revere Chinese culture. This is the
largest cultural contribution to the world since the Tang Dynasty. This is a
celestial phenomenon, which has truly made us Chinese proud. Over the last hundred
years, as the door of our country has opened, besides the foreign-made gun and
cannon, Chinese people became familiar with the words of missionaries and preachers.
The fundamental way to make a nation strong is to spread its culture to the
world. When western presidents visit China, they like to go to a top-notch college
to talk about their religion and beliefs. When atheist Chinese Communist leaders
come to the western world, besides spreading lies and speaking insincerely,
what kind of culture could they speak of? What kind of the culture do they dare
to spread?

Falun gong practitioners in China are subjected to unprecedented persecution,
including live organ harvesting and many more crimes, which are ongoing yet
are still being covered up by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It is unfortunate
that history is repeating itself and that people with righteous belief are being
persecuted. Falun Gong practitioners use non-violent resistance to counter the
persecution and with their unyielding efforts they are making a peaceful stand
against evil. This spirit brings hope not just for Chinese people but also for
the entire human race.

The NTDTV New Year Spectacular is a play, in reality; our entire human history
is also a play that is being performed. Myths and legends, ancient times and
reality, you and I; are all in it. How should each of us play our part well?

Posting date: 17/Feb/2007
Original article date: 15/Feb/2007
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