Australian Young Practitioners Hold Van Tour to Raise Awareness about the Persecution (Photos)

On January 22, 2007, ten young Falun Gong practitioners and an adult practitioner
started a six-day van tour from Sydney to Broken Hill, Australia. Young practitioners
hoped that the van tour would raise awareness about the children in China
who lost their parents during the persecution of Falun Gong. Many newspaper,
TV stations and radio stations interviewed the group and reported on the van

One of the media reports

The young practitioners visited three cities on each of the six days. Since
all the practitioners in Sydney were busy with other projects, the young
practitioners planned everything by themselves, including contacting the media,
and making appointments with the government officials. It was a serious test for
these young practitioners. Before the van tour started, they faced many
difficulties. Despite all of the hardship, they remained determined to
accomplish their mission.Due to their sincerity, the van tour touched many
people. The ten young practitioners split into two groups. One was in charge of
talking to government officials and the other one was in charge of contacting
the media. Both groups were very successful. All the mayors and city council
members were very supportive and willing to help them in their efforts to stop
the persecution of Falun Gong. The media-group visited almost all the media
along the tour, and all the media interviewed them and reported on the van tour.

During the one-week van tour in the hot summer, young practitioners improved
their xinxing and learned how to forbear.

Eric Nugent, one of the young practitioners, said, “We had to learn how
to forbear in order to complete this van tour. We had to cooperate with each
other to make plans. One of the xinxing tests was to eliminate the
attachment to comfort. During that week, we had to give up the comfortable lives
that we are used to. We had to endure many hardships, such as hot weather and
mosquitoes. We were short of money and food. Sometimes, we didn’t have enough
time to have breakfast. Also we didn’t have the entertainment that we had at

Eric also said, “Through this van tour, we learned how to cooperate with
each other as one body. We also learned more about each other. So now we are
better friends.”

Posting date: 13/Feb/2007
Original article date: 13/Feb/2007
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