A Shame that Cannot be Washed Off

By Longquan Moke

At the beginning of 2007, news suddenly broke in the Catholic Church in Poland
that the newly appointed Archbishop of Warsaw, Stanislaw Wielgus, was accused
of secretly cooperating with the secret police of the communist regime. At first,
Wielgus tried to defend himself, arguing that he had not harmed anyone. As facts
were revealed, on January 5, 2007, he published a statement admitting that "since
I denied the fact of collaborating with the communist secret police, I did harm
to the Church." On January 7, 2007, just 30 minutes prior to the Mass in
which he was to be inaugurated in the capital of Poland, Wielgus resigned.

What did Wielgus do? A statement from the history committee of the Catholic
Church in Poland said, "Plenty of evidence has indicated that Wielgus conscientiously
collaborated with the communist secret police." Wielgus defended himself,
saying that during the communist rule, all he did was to promise to notify the
secret police of the agenda of overseas academic conferences that he was to
attend, and agreed privately that he would not participate in any anti-communist
activities, and that he did this under coercion.

Regardless, the public and Wielgus both acknowledged one point in the end:
collaborating with the communist regime’s secret police is shameful. This is
especially so considering that prior to Poland’s transition away from communism
in 1989, the communist regime had killed 8 million Polish people during its
40 year reign. Any person who collaborates with a dictatorship regime, even
if it was just signing an agreement, would have encouraged the butchers who
held their knives high and helped the dictator in intimidating the people. An
agreement signed in black ink back then is a shame that cannot be washed off

This case of Warsaw’s Archbishop may cast some doubt among collaborators who
willingly or unwillingly have signed agreements with the CCP in China, causing
them to ask themselves if it is worthwhile to leave this shame that cannot be
washed off just for the meager short term gains it may bring.

The attitude of the Polish public regarding collaborators with the communist
secret police also brings to mind companies and organizations that recently
canceled 2007 Spectacular contracts with NTDTV under enticement and threats
by the Chinese communist secret police and spies. They probably should seriously
read through the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to learn about the
true face of the evil Party that has killed 80 million Chinese people and still
carries out the killing even today, and to learn about the cruel facts of the
Chinese Communist Party’s profiting from organ harvesting from living Falun
Gong practitioners. They should learn about the role NTDTV has played in spreading
traditional Chinese culture and exposing the communist brutality – raising fear
from the Communists while helping to awaken the Chinese public – 17 million
of whom have published statements quitting the Communist Party and its affiliated
organizations, the CCP Youth League and the CCP Young Pioneers. Those who have
compromised with the Chinese Communists because they wanted immediate gains
will hopefully discover a sense of shame and regret. Hopefully they will make
the right choice.

How many billions of dollars worth of public relations campaigns would it take
to wash off the shameful history of collaborating with butchers that lack any
human nature?

Posting date: 29/Jan/2007
Original article date: 24/Jan/2007
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