18-Year-Old Girl Sentenced to Three years in Prison for Appealing for Her Father (Photo)

The young girl's name is Zhu Xiuyun from Aobao
Village, Hujietumo Town, Taikang County, Daqing City. She was working outside
of her hometown and heard news that her father, practitioner Mr. Zhu Yanghe, was
arrested, and sentenced to prison and that her home was raided. She could not
understand why all of this took place.

girl Zhu Xiuyun

Xiuyun knows that her father is a simple farmer. After years
of hard labor in the field, he had developed many ailments. He had problems with
his kidneys and stomach. He suffered enormously from his illnesses, and his family
suffered the financial burden of his treatment on an already a meager income.
After he began practicing Falun Gong, all of his illnesses went away. He abides
by the principle of “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance,” and thinks of others
ahead of himself. He was well respected and liked by those who know him, so why
was a good person like this arrested?

After her father was arrested, the
whole village was furious. When the villagers found out that the CCP was harvesting
Falun Gong practitioners' organs for profit, they were even more worried.
Over 200 villagers signed a petition to appeal for her father's freedom.
On August 19, 2006, Zhu Xiuyun went to the county courthouse with an appeal letter.
The courthouse contacted the head of the county 610
, Li Shilin, who called the county police station. Over ten police officers
showed up and arrested the young girl without any documentation or just cause.

Zhu Xiuyun's mother found out that her daughter was missing, she looked for
her for days. After she found out that her daughter had been illegally
by the police, she went to the County Government Office, the People's
Representative Office, and the Political Legal Bureau to ask to see her child.
Tang Huaijun from the Political Legal Bureau told her that her child had broken
the law because she accused Li Shilin of abusing his power. Her family then realized
that Zhu Xiuyun was being illegally detained and held in a county detention center.

Xiuyun's 70-year-old grandfather and grandmother were extremely worried after
they heard the news. They went to the county to see their grandchild and were
detained for two days.

Li Shilin, the head of the 610 Office, is a local
bully. His brother, Li Shiyu, is the director of the Hujietumo Town Police Station,
Taikang County. Over the years, he has abused his power and committed all sorts
of crimes. He was accused of seizing a gas truck, fining the truck driver, and
selling the gas for his own profit. When he was building his house, it was said
that he stole other people's bags of straw for his own use. In order to deceive
the public to cover up his actions, he had his father-in-law bury the bags in
a ditch. His father-in-law did not understand, so instead he put all the bags
on the ground to dry out. Li was furious at his father-in-law and kicked him out
the door. Because Li persecuted Falun Gong practitioners and gained a reputation
for being cruel, he became the head of the county 610 Office.

Under the
manipulation and instigation of Li Shilin, teenager Zhu Xiuyun was arrested and
detained and sentenced to three years in Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison.

perpetrators in the persecution:

Li Shilin, Director of 610 Office in Dumeng
County: 86-13936941055(cell), 86-459-3426345 (home)

Jiang Yunsheng, Deputy
Director of the 610 Office in Dumeng County: 86-13351293506 (cell), 86-459-3431718

Tang Huaijun, Political Legal Bureau Secretary in Dumeng County:
86-13349597828(cell), 86-459-3428930 (home),86-459-3426727 (office)

Min, Hujietumo Town policeman: 86-459-3422128 (office), 86-459-3453588 (home),
86-13946923666 (cell)

Liu Junting, Judge, Taikang County Courthouse

Xiaoguang, Director of the Public Security Bureau in Taikang County: 86-459-3427998
(office), 86-459-3322228 (home), 86-13904691589 (cell), 86-13329505601 (cell)

Shan, Secretary of the Political Committee in the Public Security Bureau: 86-459-3422518
(office), 86-459-3437300 (home), 86-13904865414 (cell), 86-13329505602 (cell)

Zhaogang, Deputy Secretary of the Political Committee in the Public Security Bureau:
86-459-3425380 (office), 86-459-3422165 (home), 86-13945936655 (cell), 86-13329505602

Zhao Jianxun, Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau: 86-459-3432128
(office), 86-459-3421928 (home), 86-13904692128 (cell),86-13329505604 (cell)

Yuzhu, responsible for persecuting Falun Gong: 86-459-3428133 (office), 86-459-3422153
(home), 86-13804683572 (cell)

date: 10/Oct/2006

Original article date: 9/Oct/2006
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