Canadian Falun Dafa Association Cautions Media over Coverage of CCP Denials

“Lives Hang in the Balance”

TORONTO (Falun Dafa Information
Center) – When the report on organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners
in China was published on July 6th (news) by David Kilgour, former Secretary of
State (Asia Pacific), and international human rights lawyer, David Matas, we fully
expected the Chinese regime to deny the report. A simple Google search with the
words: "China Denies," after all, brings up over 7.7 million entries.

Any other nation faced with allegations of this magnitude involving their
own government would, at the very least, state that they would investigate. However,
the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to deny these claims and the sum-total
of its response has been to attack Falun Gong.

The CCP has a 60-year history
of suppression and killing through decades of brutal campaigns from the Great
Leap Forward, to the Cultural Revolution, to the Tiananmen Square student massacre.
It has frequently denied proven atrocities. Yet, why do some Chinese media in
Canada continue to carry their denials instead of demanding that they cease these


  • When allegations of organ harvesting broke
    in March regarding the Sujiatun hospital, it took over 3 weeks for the CCP to
    respond, which is ample time to clean up any evidence. It was only after this
    delay that the Western delegations were invited to a guided show tour of this
    hospital. It was not an independent investigation.
  • The CCP’s rejection
    of the organ harvesting report published on July 6th was given on the same day
    the report was released. They attacked the report, not on the merits of the evidence
    or the process, but solely on its conclusion. They continue to do the same today.
  • The CCP statement says nothing of the numerous Chinese state-run websites
    that advertised organs for sale to foreigners for up to $160,000US with an average
    waiting time of 2 weeks. Many of these sites were removed immediately after the
    organ harvesting practices were revealed.
  • The CPP says nothing of reports
    from as far back as 1994 from media and the US State Department confirming that
    the Chinese authorities have been harvesting executed prisoners’ organs for
    years, and according to human rights groups, they have done so without consent
    from the victims.
  • The CCP says nothing of the 40,000+ organ transplants
    done in China for which the sources are not explained.
  • If the CCP firmly
    stands by their conviction that this is not happening, we demand they allow an
    independent investigation within China to investigate prisons and labour camps
    where Falun Gong prisoners of conscious are being held. If what the CCP says is
    true, they will have no difficulty in accepting this request.
  • The CCP
    denial and further attacks on Matas and Kilgour reinforce the conclusion that
    the CCP, if not directly responsible for these crimes against humanity, is certainly
    complicit in them.

Falun Gong practitioners are innocent victims
of a brutal and deadly hate campaign and genocide waged by the CCP. We call on
the media to expose such crimes, ask the tough questions and dig out the real
story, rather than simply repeating the blanket denials of the CCP.

so many languish in camps throughout China, and are poised to be carved up, their
organs taken and cremated to destroy the evidence, it is vital media plays its
role to uncover the truth. Lives hang in the balance.

CONTACT: Joel Chipkar:
416-709-8678; Lucy Zhou: 613-852-7494

Posting date: 5/Aug/2006
article date: 4/Aug/2006
Category: Media Release


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