Australian Media Pay Attention to the Western Politicians Exposing the CCP’s Live Organ Harvesting (Photos)

Former Canadian secretary of State for Asia and the Pacific David Kilgour and
vice-president of the European parliament Edward McMillan-Scott were invited to
visit Australia. Their objective is to report to Australian political circles
and the public about their investigations into the harvesting of organs from living
Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Their trip to Australia
drew attention from the Australian mainstream media. Australian MP Chris Bowen
chaired their press conference. President of the National Civil Council Peter
Westmore expressed his concerns about the organ harvesting.

of the European parliament, Edward McMillan-Scott makes a speech at a press conference
held in the Australian Parliament House

MP Chris Bowen (left) and David Kilgour (right) at the press conference in the
Australian Parliament House

When they arrived in Australia on August 15,
2006, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC's evening news and famous political commentary
program “Late line” hosted a special interview on this topic. ABC 's Asia
Focal Point interviewed Vice-president of European Parliament Edward McMillan-Scott
on Sunday prior to their arrival.

On August 16, Kilgour and McMillan-Scott
attended the press conference held by Australian National Civil Council on their
behalf in the Australian Parliament House. Canberra was the first stop of Kilgour
and McMillan-Scott's trip to Australia. They said the purpose of their trip
was to report to Australian politicians and the public about the harvesting of
organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, and to seek support from the Australian
government so as to end the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

MP: The world community is very grateful to their report

MP Chris Bowen chaired the press conference. He expressed that many people who
are concerned about these allegations of live organ harvesting have been looking
for independent verification to support the allegations. He said that the world
community is very grateful to David Kilgour and David Matas who have volunteered
to conduct an independent inquiry.

Bowen believed the report provides very
compelling evidence. He requested the CCP regime to respond to these allegations.
He thought the independent investigative reports are very moving and shocking.
If all these allegations are proven to be true, it will be an evil we haven't
seen on the face of the earth. He said that these allegations are disturbing,
horrifying, and unbelievable, but we do have evidence to support them.

introduced to the media the conclusion he and Matas has reached through independent
investigation. He said they concluded after looking at 18 bodies of evidence,
that such organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners has been and is
still continuing, on a large scale across China. He said, in 18 kinds of evidence,
some people may say I don't like this, or I don't like that. But we
dare to say that regardless of if it is in Britain, Canada or Australia, in legal
circles or among the public, so long as they've seen all these 18 kinds of
evidence, they will draw the same conclusion.

Kilgour said the investigative
report includes transcripts of telephone conversations from 15 hospitals. The
interviewees said directly that they could provide live organs in very short periods
of time. He was very astounded for the frankness of the other parties. He said,
since the persecution of Falun Gong started, over 40,000 organs have come from
unidentified sources.

Kilgour also introduced a website whose intent is
to attract foreigners to go to China for organ transplants. It does so in six
languages. It openly claims that organ transplants can be done immediately, and
that if the first operation fails, they can soon find you a second organ. He asked,
“What does this mean?”

Kilgour believes that the 2008 Olympic Games to be
held in China are a window of opportunity to stop this matter. He hoped governments
including Australia and Canada pay attention to this matter. He said they have
not called for a boycott of the 2008 Olympic Games in China in their recommendations,
but he hoped the CCP regime soon stops such crime. If the CCP regime does not
stop, they will recommend Australian government and Canadian government to boycott
the Olympic Gamers.

Call for the United Nations to initiate an investigation

Kilgour believes that such crimes against humanity as live organ harvesting
must be stopped immediately. The United Nations must initiate an investigation
into this matter, as in the UN's articles, trafficking human organs is prohibited.

reiterated the need to ban doctors who perform such illegal transplants from participating
in organ transplant conference held overseas, especially some doctors whose names
have been documented in the investigative report. They should not be allowed to
enter Australia or other countries. He thinks all countries should forbid human
organ trafficking, and all patients who go to China for organ transplants should
register and report. Kilgour is one of Canada's longest serving members of
Parliament, as is McMillan-Scott in the European Parliament.

recounted his experience to the media of his recent facts-finding trip to China.
He met with diplomats, reporters, including two Falun Gong practitioners who were
once detained in China. One of the Falun Gong practitioners, Cao Dong, witnessed
another practitioner friend's body with holes. He assumed that his organs
were removed. Cao Dong is now once again detained by the CCP. McMillan-Scott said
other than he and his assistant, all others he had seen have been detained. He
has appealed several times in the European Unions and Hong Kong and other places.

said that as an MP in charge of foreign affairs, he has been aware that the CCP
misused executed prisoners' organs for a period of time. But what was revealed
early this year, harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, is a
crime that is startling and distasteful. He said, “We are talking about genocide,
and Falun Gong was singled out. This is why governments must take action to press
the United Nations to urge them to conduct investigation.”

Falun Gong practitioner
Ms. Chen Hong said that she once was detained for a year in China for practicing
Falun Gong. During her detention, all detained Falun Gong practitioners were required
to have their blood tested and their blood pressure measured and other medical
examination, but other detainees were not required to do so. Moreover, they did
not receive any treatment (after medical check ups). The prison guards threatened
them that if they did not “transform
(give up their belief), they would be sent to remote northwestern part of China.
Ms. Chen said many Falun Gong practitioners did not want to implicate their families
and friends when they were detained, so they refused to give their names. They
were given a number and detained in secret locations. Chen Hong expressed her
worry about practitioners who refused to give their names and have been secretly
detained. Their life and death are unknown. She called on more people of goodwill
to pay attention to the human rights of Falun Gong practitioners.

of Australian National Civil Council expresses concern

Chairman of
the National Civil Council Peter Westmore expressed his concern over the CCP's
harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. McMillan-Scott and Kilgour
also answered questions from reporters.

Kilgour and Mc-Millan-Scott held
a seminar at the University of Canberra the afternoon after they arrived in Australia.
They will hold a series of press conferences and forums in Sydney, Melbourne and
Brisbane and other places.

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article date: 19/Aug/2006

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