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Where some would view China’s new railway from Beijing to Tibet as a fine technological accomplishment, I believe it to be another extension to the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese Communist regime and the end of their rich and diverse culture.

China’s Communist party continues to flaunt its despotic rule in the face of silence from the democratic world. Just last Friday, a landmark 45- page investigative report was released that addresses allegations of illegal organ harvesting from innocent Falun Gong detainees in China. The two authors, former Canadian Member of Parliament David Kilgour, and renowned international human rights lawyer David Matas, state that they have come to the regrettable conclusion that the chilling allegations are true. They believe that there are large scale organ seizures from living Falun Gong practitioners without consent. The report can be viewed at:

I believe Mr Howard is making the wrong call when he says that massive economic growth would eventually influence political freedom in China. Such an attitude is strongly influenced by the burgeoning trade with China and it in no way addresses the fact that lives are being lost everyday and this will sadly continue if we stay silent. This is a huge blight on all of humanity.

Jane Andrews
Alexandra Headland

Posting date: 13/July/2006
Original article date: 12/July/2006
Category: Media Report


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