Falun Dafa Association of Canada: Statement Regarding Organ Harvesting Report

We are not surprised by the results of this report, nor
can we say we are happy. There are no words to describe the evilness of these
atrocities that have been happening in China under the watch of the Chinese communist
regime (CCP).

Since 1999, international media has reported on the illegal,
irrational and vicious persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the CCP and
since 1994 the US senate and international media has reported on the illegal organ
harvesting from prisoners in China’s state-run prisons and labor camps.

Today this report confirms that indeed Falun Gong practitioners are being butchered
for their organs while they are still alive and sold for profit by the state.

However, since 1999 and now today with all the overwhelming evidence, the
CCP denies these allegations of a Falun Gong persecution and the illegal harvesting
of organs for profit.

The Chinese communist party lied about the massacre
at Tiananmen Square that killed thousands of unarmed students.

The Chinese
communist party lied about the cover-up of SARS that killed 44 Canadians.

The Chinese communist party continues to lie about its well-documented human rights

This persecution against Falun Gong is a full-blown crime against

The Chinese regime’s own policy says, “Defame their reputations,
bankrupt them financially and destroy them physically. “Any deaths will be counted
as suicides.”

A billion-dollar hate propaganda campaign has painted Falun
Gong as an evil cult, murderers, enemies of the state, terrorists and suicidal.
This hate has turned an entire society against Falun Gong, where torture and murder
are seen as deserved or just ignored.

Police continually justify the torture
against practitioners by saying that they are helping the Chinese regime to “cleanse
society of a deadly tumor.”

Here in Canada, our government officials on all
three levels are continually pressured by Chinese consulate and embassy officials
to remain silent about the persecution and to discriminate against Falun Gong
here in Canada, or face trade loss with China.

We fear that this silence,
this fear to confront the Chinese regime has aided in this environment where these
atrocities can take place, because the Chinese regime knows no one has the guts
to contest them.

Canadian businesses like Rogers Cable are turning their backs
on these atrocities. The CRTC is presently looking at licensing 9 Communist controlled
TV channels to Canada that are being sponsored by Rogers Cable. The same channels
used to perpetuate the hate and fuel the murder and torture of countless Falun
Gong practitioners in China. Rogers has ignored our submissions of evidence.

We hope all companies doing business with the Chinese regime or Chinese companies
will voice their concerns over the persecution of Falun Gong and let it be known
that we cherish human values as Canadians and that we will not sell our conscience
or integrity out for a few dollars.

We call on our Canadian Government to:

End the fruitless bilateral dialogue with the Chinese regime and publicly
and openly condemn them for the persecution of Falun Gong.

Call for an urgent
meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to cease all interference here in Canada.

Facilitate entry into China to investigate all labor camps without interference.

This state-orchestrated slaughter for organs is a challenge to every
human being’s human nature to either stay silent or speak out to stop this
unbelievable atrocity. It is not a political issue, an internal issue or just
a federal issue. This state-orchestrated persecution is a crime against humanity
and the systematic murder of people for their organs is a blatant attack on the
moral conscience of all human beings and we, as Canadians and as human beings,
must stand to protect our fellow world citizens from this proven murderous regime.

At this critical moment, we sincerely hope that everyone will publicly speak
out to condemn the illegal genocidal campaign against Falun Gong by the CCP. Speak
out to protect the integrity of our country and speak out to protect the integrity
of humanity. There truly is no other choice we can make as human beings.

Falun Dafa Association
July 12, 2006

date: 16/July/2006

Original article date: 12/July/2006
Category: World


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