Namoi Valley Independent (Australia): Call to end torture, killing of Falun Gong

Gunnedah residents have been asked to join a world-wide condemnation of the
Chinese Communist torture and persecution of practitioners of Falun Gong.

[adherents] of Falun Gong were in Gunnedah yesterday, seeking names on a petition
calling on the Australian Government to support an international movement to force
the Chinese Communist Party to open up concentration and forced labor camps throughout
the People’s Republic of China.

The petition also calls for the release
of all Falun Gong practitioners.

Falun Gong claims that thousands of practitioners
are being tortured and killed and subjected to live organ removal for transplants.

Gong is a spiritual practice combining gentle exercises, meditation and a moral
philosophy stressing the principles of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance
and has more than 100 millions devotees in 60 countries.

The Chinese Government
is trying to ruthlessly stamp out the practice.

In Gunnedah yesterday, Julia
Chan, Kevin Lau and Lin Zeng, all of Sydney, said the Communist Party did not
allow any freedom of belief and was determined to obliterate the movement.

Chan said, “The Communist Party fears losing control over people’s minds.

are more people practicing Falun Gong in China than there are members of the Communist

“Hundreds of thousands of Falun gong practitioners have been
detained in prison camps, labor camps and so-called mental hospitals for refusing
to denounce Falun Gong. They are beaten, tortured, raped and injected with nerve-damaging

Julie Chan said evidence has been uncovered that in at least
36 concentration camps in China. Falun Gong practitioners were being subjected
to the forced removal of organs, including cornea, kidneys and bone marrow.

organs are then sold for transplants and the bodies are cremated to destroy evidence
that this is happening.”

Julie Chan said there is also evidence that
Australians are going to China for organ transplants, quoting Dr. Scott Campbell,
from the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, who said he knew of “half
a dozen” patients who had been there and there was “bound to be significantly
more across the country.”

The Falun Gong practitioners were accompanied
by Amy Xu, who had been forced to flee from Jiangsu Province because of her beliefs.

Xu does not speak English but, according to Julie Chan, she had to leave behind
two clothing factories, where she had 80 employees, because she feared for her

“One of her workers was seized by the Communist regime and taken
to a concentration camp.

“When the police took her, they left behind
her eight-month-old baby, which starved to death and was not found until 10 days
after her mother has been seized.

“Amy Xu’s assets and bank accounts
were frozen and she feared that she would be the next one taken, so she fled the

Falun Gong is initiating a world-wide human rights movement
to bring pressure on the Chinese Government to remove the concentration camps
and end the torture and killing of large numbers of people.

date: 11/June/2006
Original article date: 11/June/2006
Category: Media Report


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